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by Bill Mansell on August 25, 2009 | One Minute Motivators

Traveling with my family to a remote ranch near Zions National Park in Southern Utah, I spied this unusual sign marking a narrow dirt road which jutted off the main road. It said:

It made me stop and think. The reason we stay on the main road, of course, is this: if we stay on the right road long enough, we’re bound to reach our destination. But if we get sidetracked by every dirt road, we will likely never get where we want to go.  Too many of us are constantly searching for a new shorcut or trying unproven roads only to find that they end in disappointment when we reach the end of the road.

This principle can be applied to any successful endevor.  Once you have determined the right road; once you have charted your course, don’t get sidetracked; don’t be distracted by detours; keep your focus.  Visualize your destination to make sure you are always on the right course.

One application application of this idea, I mused, is the information highway of education. Those who map out a course of continuous learning, then travel that highway long enough, are much more likely to achive their goals in life. This oft-repeated statement is right on the money: “the more you learn, the more you earn.” If you continue to pursue the path of learning and improvement, long enough, you certainly have a much better chance to reach your desired destination in life. Only when we veer off the self improvement highway onto “unimproved” roads, does your progress stop and you arrive at a dead end–“end of the road.”

Success Tip: Just like exercise, continuous learning and training must become a daily regimen. Imagine that continuous learning classes are required for your profession. Now, realize that, if you have dreams that you want to accomplish . . . they are!

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Marcos August 25, 2009

The same is true for all of our goals in life. If we stay focus on what we’re trying to achieve, we will achieve it.


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