Taylor Hartman Ph.D.

Taylor HartmanDiscover your true self with Dr. Taylor Hartman’s insights into personality and personal motivation. You will realize why you act and respond the way you do, and why others often respond differently. Understanding is the key to communication and solid relationships.

Taylor Hartman is a highly skilled speaker, counselor, and consultant. With a master’s degree in psychology, a doctorate in corporate leadership training, and as a former professor at the University of California at Long Beach, Dr. Hartman understands both the theory and practicalities of human behavior. He developed The Color Code as a simple, yet accurate way to understand the unique complexities of human behaviors and relationships. Dr. Hartman has been coaching businesses and counseling individual clients for over thirty years.

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Color Code – audio

Everyone has a distinct personality pattern. Your personality includes specific ways of thinking, reasoning, feeling, and acting. Each person is born with a single core motive that remains stable throughout life. While your core motive never changes, you can use the insights you’ll learn from The Color Code to overcome your natural limitations and develop strengths outside your innate personality.

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Color Your Future – book

Formerly titled The Character Code, this exciting sequel builds on Dr. Hartman’s groundbreaking research, showing how to use your color profile as a guide to cultivating a full and balanced character. This book gives you the tools you need to unlock your true potential by recognizing your innate–and developed–strengths, identifying your core motivations, communicating more effectively, focusing on your commitments, and discovering the importance of character “stretching.”

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People Code – book

Previously published as “The Color Code,” this unique and insightful book helps you discover what motivates you and the people with whom you associate. Dr. Taylor Hartman identifies four primary personality profiles using colors to describe them. Go ahead, take the test, and discover your true color, find out what makes you (and others) tick. Gain insight into your own primary motivations, identify and develop your natural strengths and transform your weaknesses.

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