Steve Schiffman

Steve SchiffmanSteve Schiffman is America’s number one corporate sales trainer. He has trained over 500,000 professionals in over 9,000 companies to avoid the ups and downs of selling, improve cold calling, and close more sales. Steve’s training is based on actual sales experiences. He has seasoned experience in the field, on the phone, and in the training room. Steve is not just someone with good ideas, his are time tested and proven successful.

25 Sales Secrets of Successful Salespeople – audio

This program is a must-listen for all salespeople. Steve Schiffman, America’s Number One Corporate Sales Strategist, shares with you the 25 traits that will distinguish you as a high efficiency salesperson. Steve’s pragmatic ideas range from how to be a “consultant” to your prospects, to asking for the next appointment while you’re on the first visit. This is a practical, results-oriented guide to selling.

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Asking Questions, Winning Sales – audio

In this informative program, Steve Schiffman shows you how ask questions in order to get the information you need. You’ll learn the right questions to ask to win sales–and when to ask them. You’ll also learn the questions you should NEVER ask–and what to say instead. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or brand new to sales, you could learn more career-altering strategies from this program than you have learned your entire sales career.

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Cold Calling Techniques – DVD

You can’t make a sale unless you have an appointment first. In fact, prospecting is the key to successful selling. Now, sales expert Steve Schiffman teaches you how to avoid “sales slumps” and down periods in income by teaching effective cold calling techniques. This best-selling video seminar will not only teach you HOW to set a sales appointment over the phone, but will motivate you to get started. 2 session set on 1 DVD.

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Cold Calling Techniques – webinar recording

How can you and your sales team ensure sales success? When Cold Calling is done well, it can be the most successful way to gain new clients and secure more business. Establish an effective Cold Calling game plan that will boost your results no matter what your product or industry. You’ll learn what to say in the first 15 seconds of the call, fool-proof Cold Calling scripts, strategies to engage your prospect, fatal Cold Calling mistakes to avoid, how to overcome objections, and more.

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Getting Through: Cold Calling Techniques – audio

Everyone in sales knows how to sell–if they can get to the buyer. But in today’s selling climate, the road between seller and buyer is frequently blocked with layer after layer of objections, distractions, and delays. Now, America’s #1 Corporate Sales Trainer shares proven cold calling techniques for getting through all that interference to reach the decision maker — and make the sale.

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High-Efficiency Selling – audio

In this indispensable new guide, sales consultant, Steve Schiffman, reveals the methodology of high-efficiency selling. This innovative and solid strategy can lead to greater sales, better time management, and improved long-term business partnerships. Learn unique new approaches and attitudes to the four phases of the sales cycle: prospecting, interviewing, presentation, and closing.

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Holding Effective Sales Meetings – webinar recording

Most sales managers are at a loss as to how to hold a great sales meeting. Many think that it is a session of complaints and not really that productive. This career-changing webinar will give you the knowledge and skills to help you run the MOST EFFECTIVE sales meeting ever. If you are a sales manager, trainer, corporate executive, or sales professional, this seminar alone could help you significantly increase your current level of production.

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Prospect Management – DVD

Learn how to make more money by avoiding the ups and downs of Selling. In this powerful sequel to his best-selling “Cold Calling Techniques,” Steve Schiffman teaches new insights and techniques. Learn to anticipate sales cycles & ratios, identify qualified prospects, sharpen your prospect management skills, and more. Schiffman’s techniques work because they are tested, refined, and utilized by Steve himself on a regular basis. These are not theoretical concepts, but solid proven techniques.

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