Deepak Chopra

Deepak ChopraDeepak Chopra left a successful and highly regarded position as chief of staff at The New England Memorial Hospital in 1985 in order to dedicate his life to expanding the impact and effectiveness of conventional medicine. Today he is nationally recognized in the holistic health field for combining the technical world of Western medicine traditions of Eastern philosophies for total mind/body healing. Together, they lead not only to better health, but to a creative, fulfilled life. More about Deepak Chopra

Creating Your World The Way You Really Want It To Be – audio

In this inspirational program, two of the most highly respected authors and teachers in the self-help field, tell you how you can create your world the way you really want it to be. Dr. Dyer and Dr. Chopra teach 4 steps to reduce the time between when you decide what you really, really, really want, and when it actually manifests. As Dr. Dyer says, “What you think about expands, so think about what you want — not about what you don’t want!”

6 audio CDs




Journey to the Boundless – audio

Explore the mind, body, and spirit. Eastern wisdom says we have a universe within ourselves as profound and infinite as the world outside. With Journey to the Boundless, break out of conceptual boundaries and step into the world of the boundless — which is pure creativity, pure freedom, and pure joy. This “live” seminar experience captures Dr. Deepak Chopra at his best.

6 audio CDs




Magical Mind Magical Body – audio

Master the mind/body connection! Using research from the cutting edge of today’s medical science and quantum physics, Deepak Chopra M.D. relates how your mind is not only in your brain, but it’s influence is in every cell of your body. With his insights and assistance, you’ll be able to take control of our well-being and improve your physical health.

5 audio CDs




SynchroDestiny – audio

Discover the power of meaningful coincidence to manifest abundance in your life. With SynchroDestiny, harness the power of intention and other forces that shape your destiny. Using the insight of Deepak Chopra M.D., discover the 12 qualities of the Cosmic Energy Field, learn how science and magic merge at the quantum level of reality, foster the 4 qualities of a spiritually evolved person, and more!

8 CDs / 32-page workbook (pdf)




The Higher Self – audio

In this powerful program, Dr. Chopra brings together the technical world of Western medicine and the spiritual traditions of Eastern philosophies. When combined, they lead not only to better health, but to a creative, fulfilled life. Learn to eliminate fears and obstacles to growth. Understand how the mind/body connection is the key to disease prevention. Tap into the different layers of the mind, body, and spirit to liberate your emotional body and live a life of joy and freedom.

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Training the Mind, Healing the Body – audio

Preserve good health with Dr. Chopra’s mind/body approach! Training the Mind, Healing the Body will help you learn how to integrate the healing traditions of the East with the practical discoveries of Western science. Discover the intimate connection between your physical body and your emotional and spiritual well-being.

12 audio CDs + PDF workbook




Ultimate Deepak Chopra Collection – audio

Now you can enjoy the ultimate collection of Deepak Chopra’s wisdom and teachings. This collection contains 20 CDs in 10 power-packed volumes. Nationally recognized as an icon in the holistic health field, Dr. Chopra presents practical and achievable skills that enable people to take control of their lives, remain more robust and youthful as they age, and access the body’s unlimited natural pharmacy for perfect health & wellness.

20 audio CDs




Whispers – audio

Whispers weaves powerful affirmational phrases written by four of the most inspiring teachers of our time: Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, and Jack Canfield, into a evocative musical soundtrack. Their words–spoken, sung, and “whispered” by Grammy award-winning vocalists–feed your mind and nourish your heart with love, vitality, and abundant joy. Lush instrumental music by Brian Scott Bennett enrich and enliven the experience.

4 audio CDs


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