Your Future is Determined by Your Actions Today!

by Grant Cardone on January 14, 2009 | Articles

What you do today, not yesterday, is what will determine how you live your life tomorrow.

Its unfortunate that so many people spend time regretting yesterday, stewing over it, planning their life around it when it’s over, gone, finished! Yesterday in no way can impact tomorrow. “Yesterdays” only ruin your ability to create a tomorrow.

Consider your marriage: For a marriage to prosper you have to keep your attention on creating the future. Things like: dates dinners, plans, vacations, new adventures, mutual goals and projects are what will ensure its future. The marriage will not survive on the love of yesterday, but only on what is created in the future.

Take your business. Let’s say you want to build your customer base and haven’t been doing that for some years. The only thing that matters now is that you envision how you want your future to look and then take the actions necessary today in building it! No reason to spend time on yesterday, as yesterday is only filled with regrets, remorse, guilt, etc. Only your actions of today will impact and ensure your future! The next thing you do or don’t do is what will create the future for you! Taking any action to build your client base is better than none at all. And the more action you take, the more your future will look like you want it to.

This is why newspapers can be so damaging for people to read! They are often focused on yesterdays not tomorrows. Your future is a summation of your actions today, not what you did or did not do yesterday!

Yes, you can learn from the past, but what you do today, not yesterday, is the only thing that will determine your success tomorrow! You can learn where you picked up the nail that gave you a flat; which would be good to know so that you avoid that spot of the road in the future, but right now, I suggest you change the tire as quickly as possible, be thankful you didn’t have an accident and get on with your trip! Put your attention on where you are going, not on the nails of the past, and step on the gas pedal of action!

Anytime things get a little slow for me, there are the five steps I take to make sure my future shows up the way I want it to. Grab a pen and paper and do this NOW!

  • Put attention on and write down what you want your whole future to look like
  • Put your attention on and write down what you want certain areas of your life to look like, for example, name out a specific project
  • Do ONLY those actions necessary to create that future.
  • Do those actions in massive proportions.
  • Find other resources, friends, family, or employees to help you promote and continue those actions!

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Forget yesterday; forget five seconds ago, and take action right now on your future!

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Sripali Vaiamon November 30, 2018

I will look for my future fter the lunch. Sripali


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Julie March 11, 2009

Thanks! Grant has a Strategy of the Week and we will continue to post more articles on MindPerk.


roseshineshabangu March 10, 2009

this is motivating information! please keep me up dated with more.


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