Selling Starts, Recession Ends!

by Grant Cardone on August 9, 2010 | Articles

The so-called Great Recession, the longest and deepest since the Great Depression, may be over but you won’t feel relief unless you and your company are able to sell your products and services.  Businesses and individuals may find relief in the idea that the Recession is finally ending, but trust me, you won’t feel any relief in how the market responds to your products and services unless you master selling, building the value-add propositions and closing the deal.  Selling, not organizing, not planning, and not product development, is the most important skill of every company when coming out of a recession.  The only way now to grow  your company is to grow revenue and that means selling!

Most economists think the recession ended in the summer or early autumn and the Commerce Department’s advance estimate of third quarter gross domestic product came in at 3.5 percent, the strongest gain since the third quarter of 2007. We won’t know for sure which month the recession ended until the National Bureau of Economic Research makes the call, and they usually wait for several months after the fact until the data are unequivocal.   But who cares and what does it matter when it ended?  The only thing that matters is how to you drive revenue by getting your products and services sold into the market. When the recession ended or began is no more than a history report. Surviving is about what you do today and tomorrow, not what happened yesterday.

Even if the recession is over, the people and companies that need your products will still be left with residual fear for some time to come as a result of the economic implosion over the last year. Unemployment numbers will continue to climb and consumer confidence will stay weak.  Decision makers will be protecting cash and continue to hoard cash.

The single most important skill today is the ability to sell over objections, budgets, and fears.  Just getting in front of the right person is an art. Overcoming fears and resistance and successful closing a transaction and getting companies or individuals to part with their cash is the lifeblood of the organization.  If you are a business person and hate this idea of selling, you will feel like the recession continues on long after it is over.  Now is the time that you and your organization learn everything about selling so that you can take market share away from the weak.  Now is the time for your company to make sales training and sales solutions the number one most important single activity of the organization.

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