Selling in a Changing Economy

Selling in a Changing Economy by Grant Cardone on November 6, 2007 | Articles

When economies change from being very optimistic and positive (expanding) to very difficult and negative (contracting) people generally move through a number of responses. These response are somewhat similar to experiencing the loss of a loved one. The first response is denial, then anger, resentment, and for some apathy before they are able to do what is necessary to recover from the loss or change in conditions. Those that succeed during major economic contractions use these challenges to inspire solutions, creativity and new levels of production!

The current economic situation is not hopeless and you should not give up, and more importantly there is something you can do. In fact, this is a great opportunity for those who really ‘up’ their game, their attitude, and their responsibility levels. My mission in life for the last twenty-five years is to participate in helping people grow their businesses and those who want to succeed, succeed. The most exciting part of my job is working with exceptional people that are driven to be number one and dominate their markets. Now is the time to decide to create success regardless of the economy. There are exact actions that will make you successful through these economically challenging times, no matter how long it lasts or how deep it goes.

The most important step is to first make the decision to expand, conquer and even exploit the challenges! There exist simple, doable and exact actions that will make sure you and your business thrive and that will allow you to seize market share away from your competitors. Now is the time to learn exactly what you have to do so that you can advance and conquer the market and create your own economy. This is a different time and it requires different ideas and different actions. You can no longer afford to be dependent upon the economy in which you live and work as it has nothing to give you or your company! A weakened even damaged economy is an opportunity for the strong to take market share from weaker competitors. Your attitude must be to USE the contracting events to create the economy you want for yourself, your company, and your family, independent of the local, national, or world economy. Whether you know it or not, there are great advantages to periods of economic contraction, and once you know the secrets of exploiting those, you will expand and conquer while others shrink, submit, and disappear.

If you are afraid the economy will be tough for some time but are not the type of erson to quit and are willing to learn and do whatever is necessary to forward the progress of your finances and your business, you are in for a rocket ride over the next few years. You are not alone in the number of people who are looking for answers today during these challenging times, as many have become aware that their position is dependent upon what they do each day. WARNING: There is a big difference between those looking for answers and those who are willing to actually learn and execute. Most of your friends and family unknowingly have already ceased believing there is anything they can do, but not you! I congratulate you for searching for the answers they exist only for those that commit to being first in their markets!

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