Sell or Be Sold

by Grant Cardone on March 8, 2012 | Articles

We’re surviving the the worst recession on record and even as things start to look better in 2012, PAY ATTENTION to me, I predict we will be in for a surprise in 2013 that could prove brutal for many.

Don’t rest on your laurels right now or get seduced by the good news. Stay on full attack, while others get hoodwinked.

Regardless of what happens nothing will ensure your success more than the ability  to effectively sell your products, take massive action and generate new  levels of revenue. It is more critical than ever to learn and sharpen  your sales skills and techniques. Don’t wait until you lose a customer  or until things get tough again.

Mistakes made in selling will  be more expensive than at any other time in history. Don’t tolerate  errors. Demand Greatness from yourself!

Even the slightest oversight or missed opportunities built up over time will result in expensive losses of income to your power base.

When it comes to SELLING and your financial security, remember the only reason a business  fails is an inability to sell product and services at a premium and in  quantities great enough!

If you learn anything from the Great Recession, let it be: when it’s good get great and when it gets difficult get greater!

Grant is an international sales expert, sales trainer, motivational speaker and best selling author whose programs have positively affected thousands of people and organizations worldwide. His unique, commen-sense approach is practical and solution oriented. His humor, wit and infectious energy allow him to connect with any audience. Click here to browse books, and audio training programs by Grant Cardone.

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