If You Can’t Stand The Heat…

by Keith Shaw on June 17, 2008 | Articles

…then get out of the kitchen”.

So goes the phrase associated with U.S. President, Harry S. Truman. What Truman was trying to say was “don’t persist with a task if the pressure of it is too much for you”. The suggestion being that, if you can’t cope, you should leave the work to someone who can get it done.

Hmmm…I guess it works if you are one of those individuals who EASILY GIVE UP or one of those who find plenty of EXCUSES (such as blaming others or your current situation or environment) as to why you do not pursue your dreams, wishes and goals.

However, if you are like many of the “Motivated Mind Body Spirit Central” readers of my newsletter and articles around the world, who:

-Are driven from within on their quest for success,

-Have a burning desire to live their lives to the max,

-Welcome and easily overcome challenges through perseverance and determination and,

-Are not afraid to ask for what they want in life…

…then you know that this is not the case in your life. You always ask for more. You always shoot for the moon. And, you know that the word “impossible” was never intended for you.

However, there is not a day that goes by that in my work as the Founder, President and Chief Motivation Officer of Mind Body Spirit Central, I see many people who use words such as “CAN’T”, “BUT” and “IF” copiously in their conversations. If you, too, are like these people then I STRONGLY encourage YOU to continue to read on!

To get you started and motivate you on “Your Quest For Success” here is my version of this quote (with apologies to Mr. Truman)…

“If you can’t stand the heat, then find a way to get used to, and beat it!”

You see in my book, the word “can’t” is one of the most disempowering words known to humankind. To me, “can’t” means one of two things:

Meaning Number One:

You don’t want to do something (even when you know it is good for you to do it)…

Of course I am not talking about illegal or immoral things, where a person’s moral compass would not allow them to do something that would be in conflict with their values. What I am referring to is having the courage to step out of your comfort zone and finding the information and tools you need to get the task at hand done, no matter how hard, or painful it might be.

Meaning Number Two:

You do not know HOW to do or get something done. Perhaps, as with Meaning Number One, you do not have the confidence or courage to take that very first step.

Here’s my straightforward 5-step plan as to how to take control of your life and prepare your self to “beat the heat”.

Step One: You need to create a burning desire for change within you. Become dissatisfied with your current situation and where you are in life. Create within yourself the courage and confidence to become a “CAN”- do type that others will gravitate to. No matter if you lack education, technical skills or others areas of expertise you must never let these be stumbling blocks. And with that in mind, read on to Step Number Two.

Step Two: Create a “game plan” with clearly-defined goals. Whether your goals are personal, professional, financial or other, take the time to write then down in a clearly written, realistically achievable plan. Then as you take action to achieve your goals, also take time to visualize yourself meeting or even better yet, beating your plan. Visualization can be a powerful tool.

Step Three: Remember you are “bigger” than you know. You are just as good as anyone else. Never shoot for less than the moon. Become a person for whom the word impossible is not meant for.

Step Four: Expect, welcome and overcome challenges. Remember what does not “kill” us, makes us stronger.

Step Five: Never be afraid to ask for what you want. If you do not ask, then 110% of the time, the answer will be “no”.

The Roman philosopher, Seneca, who lived from 4 B.C. to 65 A.D. said, “Most powerful is he that has himself in his own power”.

By using “Shaw’s five-step plan” you will soon develop the power of confidence and courage that will inspire you to take action. You will feel more excitement and clarity in your life everyday. You will be motivated like never before and easily “beat the heat”.

Copyright 2008 by Keith A. Shaw and Mind Body Spirit Central.com, LLC.

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Keith A. Shaw is president of Mind Body Spirit Central in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Keith is an authority on motivation, success, self improvement, health and wellness. He is the author and creator of "The Power Of Thought", and "The Power Of Concentration" Motivation and Success Systems, along with "The Power Of Serenity And Peace" Spirituality and Happiness System. These systems have helped women and men around the world to achieve more in life than they ever dreamed possible. He also authored and produced "The Power Of Qigong" Health And Wellness Systems for increasing your health, wellness, energy, mental power and more.

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