Go Green!

by Amy Dougherty on May 12, 2009 | Articles


On my walk yesterday, I happened to look down at the gravel path I was on and saw this most amazing leaf!  It was mostly brown, brittle and dead, except the center of it was green and alive!  I picked it up, examining it more closely… feeling the very delicate and brittle nature of the brown “dead” part, and then fingering the supple green center.  “It’s like me” I thought.  Just like me.  So many parts of me are seemingly dead and brittle on the outside, yet I am so verdant and alive on the inside! Something about that simple leaf that had taken its last wave in the breeze on its way to the gravel path awakened a simple truth within me.

How do we live with our brittle outsides… brown and uninteresting and seemingly dead when our insides are on fire and full of life?  Once we are aware this is the case, how do we molt the death without to reveal the life within? Part of me wants to take a scissors to the leaf, cutting away the ugly, fragile brittle brown of it, leaving only the supple alive green part.  What stops me from doing that?

Have you recognized your green?  Is it hidden beneath all the brown?  What will we do about that?  Is it even necessary?

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