Finding Your Purpose In Life

by Theresa Nixon on June 18, 2008 | Articles

You do not know me. I am no great sage of the ages, I possess no doctorate in philosophy, have no long list of impressive credits to my name. I have, however, graduated (along with billions of others) from a great university called the University of Life (or, as some prefer, the University of Hard Knocks). I am merely one from the trenches of life who has found the true secret of success, and it really is no secret at all.

The moment we emerge out of the chute, kicking and screaming, we enter into this great institution of learning. We did not ask for it but here we are anyhow. Some of us were born with silver spoons in our mouths (not me, I can assure you); others of us have had to fight hard just to stay alive.

It is my belief that everyone who comes into this world is gifted with a particular skill, talent, ability or aptitude to do something positive — even great — in life; but most are prevented from doing so by those well-meaning nay-sayers who make it their business to tell others how to live (or prevent others from living). Trying to discover one’s fullest potential in a world imbued with negativity would be impossible but for one very vital component: faith — in one’s self, one’s dream, and in that Higher Power that creates all things.

We were created to be creators, and we all have the power within us to bring to fruition that which we seek: our true destiny in life. Where would the art world be if Michelangelo had listened to someone’s negative opinion about his art: “. . . Heya, keed. Who tolda you datta you coulda painta, huh, keed? Go backa to da farm . . .” and decided he was not good enough?

Every great pioneer of history — be it philosophy, science, industry, art — had their critics. Not one of them was spared the diatribes of warning, mockery, and sheer “ah, you’re just crazy” judgments.

Look around you at that television set, that computer, that chair you are sitting on. All of these things were once thoughts in someone’s mind. Which is more real — the thing when it is envisioned in the mind, or the end product that you can physically see and touch? It all begins with a single, creative thought. If you can see it in your mind, you can create it in physical reality.

Whether you strive to be the next Michelangelo, Bill Gates, or teacher of the year, you can achieve it if you believe it. All it takes is desire, vision, faith, action. And a whole lot of guts.

Go out and be your own revolution!

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A prolific writer, Ms. Nixon has written newspaper articles, reviews, and interviews spanning over twenty years and hosts youareyourown a blog specifically aimed at self-improvement.

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abie June 19, 2008

hi from ethiopia
thank u so much 4 sharing ur pice of experiance of life it means a lot 4 me


Theresa Nixon August 16, 2008

Thanks, Abie; I’m so glad I could help to inspire you to find your own success in life. I’m a firm believer that we all have it within ourselves to succeed the way God intended us to — by using the gifts He gave us. Have faith and believe, and you’ll do it! God bless!


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