Designing the Perfect Script

by Tim Mulcahy on February 28, 2008 | Articles

Part of prospecting or designing any sales presentation includes designing the Perfect Script. Although you may have concerns about sounding too “scripted”, this is not the case at all as having a script allows you to sound natural. The main reason for losing control and not sounding natural is not having a script.

There is a certain format that follows the Fundamentals of Selling and holds the key to success. Having a script and a format to your presentation allows you to react to situations, and to keep you grounded in the spectrum of the sales presentation by following the Fundamentals of Selling. If you don’t have a script, you’ll be taken way off base and you won’t know how to come back if the script and the format/fundamentals are not completely understood in your mind. If you decide to vary the script, you must still follow the format and the fundamentals.

The tools that must be included in your script in order to give a perfect presentation are:

  • Body Language, Energy Level and Transference of Feeling
  • Rapport
  • Third Party
  • Initial Benefit Statement (IBS)
  • Show and Tell (if in person)
  • Reason Why
  • Gain Control
  • Create Urgency
  • Create Need
  • Build Value
  • Assumption

When closing and booking an appointment, you must always ask for the name and number first, then for a possible appointment time or payment. It’s always easier to ask the simple questions first.

Here are a few examples of scripts that you can utilize to design templates for your own product or service

Script for Weight Loss Center Door presentation for booking consultations (giving away free detox and cleanse).
Wow, nice dog! What kind of dog is that? (rapport). I was just next door at Terry’s, and two doors down at Mary’s, and three doors down at John’s and across the street at Dave’s (Third Party, Show and Tell). We’re seeing everyone on John Street and actually the reason we’re here today is because this month is Health Month and we are aiming to get everyone healthy (Initial Benefit Statement). We are having a company competition to see which clinic can get the most people the healthiest (Third Party, Reason Why, Initial Benefit Statement, Create Need, Assumption). I’m from U Weight Loss, although we’re not just about weight loss, we’re about total health and wellness for the whole family. You might have seen our ad in the paper; you might have gotten this flyer in the mail (Third Party). What we’re doing is inviting everyone into our open house and because it’s health month, we’re giving everyone a free detox and cleanse (Build Value). This is a professional detox and cleanse program and although it is professional you don’t have to vary your diet, drink green soup or anything like that. Take it with normal meals and after 3 to 5 days, you’ll experience increased energy levels and you’ll feel great (Create Need, Build Value). And, there is no cost for the detox and cleanse and when you do come in to visit us at U Weight Loss, we do have great specials on if you want to shape up for summer. If you don’t want to, there’s no obligation and you receive the free detox anyway (Create Need, Create Urgency). Your name is? (Break eye contact, write the order) (Assumption). And, your phone number? (Assumption). And, we’re quite busy as you can see, but we have one opening left today and a couple of openings tomorrow. What time is best for you? Morning, afternoon, or evening? (Alternate, assumption).

Script for Natural Gas

Hi, I’m not selling anything nor do I belong to any religious affiliation. But I am a believer :). Did I catch you at a good time? (Body language/rapport). Oh, cute little girl. How old is she? (Rapport) The reason we’re here and seeing everyone on John Street today; we already spoke to your neighbor Mary, Barry two doors down, Terry three doors down and Timothy across the street (Third Party, Show and Tell). What we’re doing right now is fixing the rates of natural gas prices because the summer is coming and with it hurricane season and hot weather. As a result of this, prices are starting to rise (Initial Benefit Statement, Reason Why, Create Need, Build Value, Assumption). So we’re locking in everyone’s price for the next five years so you will have no further increases (Create Urgency, Assumption). Now to qualify, we’re going to need to see a gas bill. Do you have one handy? (Assumption) (Break eye contact and wait for them to get it).

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