Collaborative Negotiating – Your Future Business Depends On It

by Ryan Campbell on May 10, 2008 | Articles

Making a profit is something that is very, very important for a business. If a business is not making a profit then it is forced to shut down because of a lack of income. This is why sales are so important in order for a business to stay afloat and make a profit. However, buying right is just as important as selling right, but most people never think about this side of the business.

Collaborative negotiation is a key factor in being able to achieve sales and keep the business going. When you are performing collaborative negotiation you are considering their needs and ensuring that the deal is win-win. You are convincing your customer, or your supplier, that he or she needs you in order to be successful and to continue being successful. You are persuading the person to keep doing business with you. In other words, collaborative negotiation is an ongoing process. You are not trying to make quick bucks. A good business is not about short-term deals and in fact you will almost always lose customers if they perceive you are only in business for the short term. So like we have said, collaborative & persuasive negotiation is ongoing and it is essential for long term business.

In order to have a long term business you must also have a long term selling plan. You must be able to advertise successfully and constantly. In fact this is a key factor when it comes to persuasive negotiation. It starts with the marketing campaign, making sure it is reaching your target audience. You need to have the right words and or images. This is the only way you will be able to send a persuasive message so you can attract new customers and keep them for the long term. Most businesses that fail and close down are because they did not have a persuasive marketing campaign. They couldn’t attract new customers. This means no profit…and no profit means a closed business. Remember to make sure that you must not just have a “good” marketing campaign, you need a persuasive one.

This seems like something obvious, but how many times is this overlooked? Sometimes people think that as long as you have some sort of advertising, everything will be all good. Wrong! You need a persuasive advertising campaign. You want to show the value of your business to potential customers and have them see the importance of coming and joining your business. And you must ensure that the customer will still feel good about the deal tomorrow, and the next week. If you haven’t taken their needs into account (that’s the collaborative part!) you will have a one-time customer who tells lots of friends to steer clear of you.

We all know that it can be extremely difficult and sometimes even frustrating when it comes to running a business. Remember that being persuasive and creating persuasive, collaborative marketing campaigns will take time and effort on your part. Only with a long term business mind set and a long term selling plan is the way that you can be successful. Take a sip of coffee, sit back and think what can be done to reach these goals. What do your suppliers need? Is it price, or terms? What can you do better with your advertising campaigns that can result in persuasive advertising? If you think like this constantly and consistently, then you will be on your way to being a persuasive negotiator, a great seller, and a very successful business owner.

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