15 Golden Rules of Canvassing

by Tim Mulcahy on June 19, 2009 | Articles
  • Canvassing is Fun It’s healthy because there you are, walking and talking, meeting new people, adding to your knowledge of human nature (which is generally good) and day after day, gaining a better scope and perspective on life than money can buy
  • Establish Rapport Rapport is the key to successful canvassing or any sale process. Comment on the weather, flowers, house, automobile, kids, animals, etc. and establish a positive rapport
  • Dress Properly Dress properly for the weather at hand. Even if you are momentarily uncomfortable because of weather conditions, do not disclose this to the person at the door. You will often be invited in out of the cold. The goal is to appear confident, in control and non-threatening to the person’s private space.
  • Get Right to It Get right to the door; don’t hesitate! Action makes you positive; inaction makes you negative. Nothing will sharpen your skills more than going out there and getting leads. Each new lead builds momentum.
  • Don’t Waste Time Only Go to Houses where People Are Home. Don’t waste precious time going to houses where it appears that no one is home. Look for signs such as an empty driveway, or darkened interior.
  • Use Powerful, yet Relaxed Body Language Get yourself into a powerful, but also relaxed state. Visualize your most successful canvassing experience and utilize.
  • Show and Tell People believe more in what they see than of what they hear. Keep your binder open and point to third party references and to ads or sales materials. Also use your brochure and other sales materials in a show-and-tell manner.
  • Use Third Party References Use third party references to strengthen your credibility and to build a sense of urgency and excitement. Nobody wants to be the first person to do something. Mention ads in newspapers, on the radio and on TV.
  • Vary Your Script According to Time of Year to Justify the Reason For Your Visit Vary your script based on the closest holidays or special events. Subtly create urgency every step of the way. Always let your prospect know that you’re around for a special reason. For example, say “The holidays are coming and we are offering a free personal coaching session so that you can learn about the best nutrition, exercise and vitamin plans in order to look and feel better over the holidays and into the New Year!”
  • Smile and Wave When you are at the door and see someone through the window, acknowledge them with a friendly smile and wave.
  • Be Friendly Prospects respond to you based on how you act towards them. Initiate the contact with a positive attitude and keep it throughout your presentation.
  • Assume the Close Always “assume the close” and work steadily toward commitment with soft-close questions such as, “Which time is best for you? tonight or tomorrow?” Break eye contact and assume the close; begin to write.
  • When Booking Appointments, Obtain 2 to 3 Phone Numbers Make sure you get two to three phone numbers so you can confirm the sales deal.
  • After Closing, Resell and Reassure Reassure your contact that he/she made the right choice by lightly reselling. For example, once you get the lead/booking ask: “What are your main areas of interest?” Follow up on their answer with reassuring messages such as, “Since your main interest is our exercise program, we’ll be sure to have one of our exercise coaches available when you come at 7.”
  • Build Momentum The first few leads of the day are always the toughest. Be conscious of this and move beyond any blocks by gathering momentum throughout your presentations at every new door. Once you have the lead and have solidified it, keep moving to the next opportunity. This is why it’s so important to canvass for three-hour shifts. As you build confidence and get stronger, you will begin to book more appointments. Your enthusiasm will build along with your leads. Get the booking and move on. Canvassing not only builds momentum, but also creates something from nothing and this is always a very empowering process.

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