Peter Thomson

Learn the best kept secrets of great communicators from the United Kingdom’s business and communications expert, Peter Thomson.

Best-Kept Secrets of Great Achievers – audio

You already know the formula for success: Do what great achievers do. The trick is knowing what those things are. Peter Thomson spent more than eight years identifying the “do” part of the success equation. Now you can learn more than 70 of these little-known, highly prized, and extremely effective secrets, including: how to predict mistakes before you make them, earn the money you deserve, outdistance your competitors, eliminate unnecessary tasks, and more!

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Best-Kept Secrets of Great Communicators – audio

The most powerful and influential people in the world all have something in common: effective communication. Using the principles of powerful communication, they developed the ability to influence others in a profound way. Effective communication extends beyond mere words. Body language, intention, positioning, and other factors play a significant part. Peter Thomson helps you become a more effective communicator.

6 audio CDs


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