Dian Thomas

Dian ThomasDian Thomas, America’s First Lady of Creativity, shares “inside secrets” learned over a thirty-year media career. A respected media personality, best-selling author, and professional speaker, Dian has made more than five thousand media appearances, including Johnny Carson and the NBC Today Show. Dian shares her secrets of getting a million dollars worth of publicity television, radio, magazines, books, public relations, newspaper. More about Dian Thomas

How to Get a Million Dollars Worth of Free Publicity – DVDs

This comprehensive six-volume program by publicity expert, Dian Thomas, contains all the necessary tools you need to get your message in front of millions–for free! You’ll learn the surprisingly simple, step-by-step formulas you can use to capture the attention of your potential customers through six proven publicity machines: TV, Newspaper, Books, Radio, Public Relations Internet, and Magazines. Imagine reaching your audience through FREE PUBLICITY instead of costly advertising.

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