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How to Master the Art of Selling Anything – audio

How to Master the Art of Selling Anything - audio

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12 CDs + PDF workbook


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The persuasive selling secrets of the nation’s highest paid salespeople!

If you’re in sales, or interact with people on a regular basis in your profession, the single most important thing you can do is to learn how to sell.

It’s astonishing. Just by using certain words and strategies, you can get almost everything you want in life. But not all selling techniques are equal.

Tom Hopkins has been recognized as America’s #1 Sales Trainer and The Builder of Sales Champions. The US Army, Best Buy and AFLAC and State Farm are some of the 200+ companies Tom has trained. He has personally trained over three million students on five continents and shared the stage with some of the great leaders of our times including Ret. Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf, former President George Bush and Barbara Bush, Secretary of State Colin Powell, and Lady Margaret Thatcher.

If you want the power to influence and persuade people to almost always say Yes to your offer, then it makes sense to specifically discover the selling techniques of champions. Imagine, knowing the words, the lines, the techniques, the closes and tactics of the top 5% of salespeople! If you had this insight you could radically change your life, explode your income and live the life of your dreams. And there’s no one more qualified to teach you those skills than Tom Hopkins, the builder of sales champions.

You’ll enjoy listening to Tom’s sales training — after all he’s considered one of America’s best public speakers. You can learn everything you need to know to succeed in selling at your desk, while you drive, jog or relax at home.

You’ll discover practical hands-on techniques including:

  • The 5 steps to mastering any skill
  • How one of Tom’s students made $1.3 million at the age of 23
  • 6 common characteristics of sales champions (Which of these do you have?)
  • How the Stimulus, Pause, Response Theory (S.P.R.) can take your selling skills to a new level
  • 5 minor reflexive questioning techniques for controlling the presentation
  • The psychology of how people make buying decisions (5 factors revealed)
  • 6 emotional hot buttons you can push to get people to want what you sell
  • The 9 words a sales professional must never say to a prospect or client
  • How to overcome the 4 roadblocks that hinder people from making a decision
  • How to figure out your “closing ratio” and how to rapidly improve it so you earn more
  • The 5 keys towards overcoming rejection – this will transform you into a fearless salesperson
  • The single-biggest secret to success in selling
  • How to generate tons of hot referrals – Tom reveals his complete referral prospecting system!
  • Tom’s referral card marketing system shown in step-by-step detail
  • How to use the “Itch Cycle” to close people when they’re the hottest for what you sell
  • Powerful non-referral prospecting techniques that fill your lead pipeline
  • 6 must-know telephone techniques
  • 6 ways to generate tons of quality leads
  • Sales pre-planning sheets for developing an irresistible sales presentation that few people can say no to
  • The 6 best times to send thank you notes
  • The champion salesperson’s method for warming people up when you first meet
  • The right way to re-connect with people you haven’t spoken to in awhile
  • How many rings you should wait till you answer the phone
  • and more!

Now – you can discover all of Tom’s most powerful selling secrets from beginner to advanced level. You’ll hear every word presented live at a training class conducted by Tom Hopkins on this 12 CD training set which includes an additional resource CD with a training manual in PDF format.

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