Lisa Ford

Lisa FordLisa Ford is well known for her lively sense of humor and down-to-earth advice while training in the customer industry. Recognized as one of the savviest service strategists in the training industry, Lisa has personally trained more than 50,000 service and sales professionals. Her lively, engaging blend of humor, insight and down-to-earth advice has entertained and enlightened audiences in seminars, workshops and private training sessions worldwide in the areas of Customer Service and Retention. In 2002, Lisa Ford was inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame.

Customer Service Strategies That Work – DVD

Customer Service Strategies That Work - DVD

Your employees and their customer service skills may be the only thing that differentiates you from the competition. Your employee’s skills must be constantly updated to meet ever-rising customer expectations. In this content-rich seminar, you will learn practical skills and proven systems for improving customer service, including numerous hands-on techniques: how to listen attentively, uncover customer needs, calm down angry customers, win back disgruntled customers, handle conflict, and keep an attitude of “customers first” all day.

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Developing a Customer Retention Program – DVD

Developing a Customer Retention Program - DVD

Learn to increase repeat business and build customer loyalty. Today, good customer service isn’t enough. You have to go the extra mile. You have to make your customers look for you — and choose you — time after time. These business training videos show you how to build the emotional partnerships with your customers that lead to lifetime loyalty. Implement the step-by-step customer retention approach this program offers throughout your organization — and watch your sales rise and your defections drop.

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How to Give Exceptional Customer Service 2000 – DVD

How to Give Exceptional Customer Service 2000 - DVD

Ever wonder how an organization can get its entire work force eating, sleeping, breathing customer service? Lisa Ford, customer service adviser, takes you behind the scenes to find out what smart organizations are doing to dazzle customers and build unbending loyalty. See customer service trendsetters and live customer care training at some of today’s most successful companies. Lisa Ford’s wisdom and advice have helped bring about dramatic customer service improvement in dozens of companies, large and small.

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