The Freedom to Succeed

by Bill Mansell on July 4, 2008 | One Minute Motivators

As we celebrate American independence and rejoice in the freedoms that we enjoy in many countries, we are reminded again that each of us as individuals is free to select our path, choose our own attitude, and to work until we succeed. I am reminded of the story about the Oyster and the Eagle.

When God made the oyster, He guaranteed him absolute economic and social security. He built the oyster a house, a shell to protect him from his enemies. When hungry, the oyster simply opens up his shell, and food rushes in.

But, when God made the eagle, He said, “The blue sky is the limit. Go build your own house.” And the eagle went out and built his house on the highest mountain crag, where storms threaten him every day. For food, he flies through miles of rain and snow and wind. This majestic bird symbolizes those individuals who are willing to stand out, to risk, to achieve, who crave the freedom to stand or fall on their own accomplishments.

The Eagle, not the Oyster, is the emblem of America and the symbol of freedom and success the world over.

Each of us has the freedom to grab hold of opportunities and make a unique masterpiece of our lives. Like the Eagle, we are not content to live lives of mediocrity, we prefer to spend our existence soaring high, striving for excellence and achieving our dreams.

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