Start Boldly and Finish Strong

by Bill Mansell on July 26, 2011 | One Minute Motivators

Years ago, as a member of a cross country track team, I learned a concept that has helped me in life. Coach taught us, “The important thing is to start boldly and finish strong. What happens in between isn’t nearly as important as how we begin and end the race.”

That concept seemed strange to me at first. It meant that in a 5K race, the first 200 meters and the last 200 meters are more important than the rest of the 4600 meters in the race. But, I found it to be true. The outcome of most races is determined by how runners position themselves at the beginning, and how well they finish. As I observed and participated in hundreds of races, I was amazed to discover that in a 5K race, the difference between first and second positions was often a matter of less than one meter!

While I seldom run formal races anymore, I’ve learned that this concept applies to the way we live, and in particular, the way we plan to start our day. Jim Rohn said: “Never begin the day until it is finished on paper.” This means, we need to start the day boldly with a plan of action already in place.

How do most of us start the day? We check our messages and emails, organize our desk, and let our day become consumed with urgencies. Instead, I challenge you to take a few minutes the night before, or early that morning, to plan the day, with emphasis how you will get started.

Brian Tracy taught that if we can begin the day with a feeling of accomplishment, it sets the tone for a successful day. His advice is to plan to tackle the most important task — and finish it — first thing, before doing anything else. What better way to jump-start your day than to start with a success?

Success Tip: Plan to start your day boldly, intentionally, and purposefully by finishing the most important task first.

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