How Audio Learning Can Change Your Life

by Bill Mansell on March 31, 2010 | One Minute Motivators

As a sales trainer and motivational coach for over 20 years I have given away dozens of self-improvement and motivational books. Never once, ever, did I have someone come back to me and say, "wow, that book, really helped" or "that book changed my life." But, in my career, I have also given out hundreds of audio learning programs, motivational cassettes or CDs, and sales training audio seminars. In almost every case, the person came back and either thanked me or commented on how much it helped them.

From this I have concluded that very few people--if any--actually read a book that is given to them. Even if they purchase a book with the intent to read it, most don't. As I write this, I'm thinking about my own library at home where dozens upon dozens of books lay waiting to be read. But, most people will listen to an audio program. Why is this? Why is audio learning so much easier to do? And, why does it have so much more power to affect our minds and attitudes and actions?

Here are 4 reasons why I recommend audio programs over books:

  1. With the portable nature of technology today, audio is more portable than ever before. CDs can be played in your home, car or transferred to a portable player. MP3 programs can be downloaded to an iPod, MP3 player or digital phone. My phone can carry hundreds of hours of audio programs at once, so quality audio seminars are never farther away than in my pocket.
  2. Listening to someone's voice is so much more warm and personal than reading words on a page. Face it, when you listen, there is an emotional connection with the author or presenter that just isn't there in a book. When the author encourages you to make a commitment or do something, you are much more likely to do it when personally invited verbally.
  3. Audio dramatizes the words much more effectively than you can in writing. Voice inflections, humor, sarcasm, word emphasis, variations in volume and speed, all these and more reveal subtleties in meaning that can be lost in print.
  4. Most importantly, you can do other things while listening to audio programs. Ever try to read a book while exercising? or driving a car? or doing dishes? or mowing the lawn? It is virtually impossible--and dangerous! The truth is reading a book requires your undivided time and attention. But with audio, you can safely and easily listen and learn while doing these mundane tasks. If you add up how many hours you spend a day driving, exercising, waiting, and doing household chores, just think of how much you could learn and grow by listening to audio programs at the same time.

Success Tip: Unleash the power of audio learning in your life. Always have quality CDs or MP3 files loaded and ready to listen to whenever you have the opportunity. Plan to have something to listen to while driving, exercising, or performing household chores. Listen over and over again to pick up what you missed the first time around. Just imagine how much more knowledgable, motivated, and positive you will be if you will just adopt this simple habit.

Bill Mansell is president of MindPerk, Inc., one of the web's largest resources for self improvement and business training. A dynamic speaker and success coach, Bill is the author of a weekly blog titled, One Minute Motivators. Bill helps companies and organizations inspire and motivate their team members to consistently achieve more. His contagious enthusiasm has helped people from all walks of life to reach and exceed their goals.

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Damon November 11, 2011

Rather excellent idea!


Roberta April 1, 2010

So true! I just bought the Covey’s 7 Habits. I’ve read the first 5 pages in bed and haven’t touched it since, in 3 days. Just no time or I’m too tired! If I had bought the CD? I would have heard the whole thing by now.


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