Don’t be an “Almost” Achiever

by Bill Mansell on February 5, 2010 | One Minute Motivators

One of the saddest words in the English language is the word “almost.” I’m not speaking of someone who gives it their all but barely misses their goal. (That person is sure to double his or her efforts and demolish the goal the next time around.) I’m talking about the person who “almost” get’s started, or who “almost” sets a goal, or who “almost” gives it their best shot.

As a sales manager for many years I heard excuses like these: “I almost had time to study my presentation” or “I almost remembered to apply the skills from our last seminar” or “I almost made some cold calls!” The sad part, of course, is that these same people “almost” became successful. They put in quite a bit of mental exertion to get to the point where they almost accomplished something, but they failed to hang in there for that final push—that extra effort. Unfortunately, in the world of selling, commissions on sales you “almost” make still amount to zero.

Almost means very nearly, coming close to, or not quite. If you are going to put in the effort to “almost” do something, why not put out that tiny bit more effort to just do it? Of course there are situations over which you have no control. With those, we do the best we can. But, in those situations where we have control, “almost” effort is never good enough. It takes grit and determination to go all the way with a project, but it can mean the difference between success and mediocrity. Instead of 90% effort, give 100% to every project. When you do, even though your effort is only increased by 10%, your results could improve by 50% or 100% or 500%.

Success Tip:┬áNever settle for “almost” when you can just do it 100%. That tiny bit of extra effort will multiply your results exponentially.

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Mark H January 27, 2011

Miraculous! I found myself quite frankly producing a write-up on the very same issue yesterday. Then this evening, I discovered this post which in turn is far more effective at explaining it than what my spouse and I wrote.


San Worsu January 24, 2011

It’s really a fantastic write-up. I truly do take pleasure in the superb hard work produced by your company.


Clifton January 22, 2011

This is what I used to be trying to find! Thank you so much!


Kartdiy January 20, 2011

Excellent post with a lot of fantastic insights! All the best.


James maina February 8, 2010

Very helpful advice because I almost get started in business almost all the time I think about it, I find myself overwhelmed with fear but something in me keeps saying this is the only sure way to your financial freedom. Please advise on how to overcome fear of failure.


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