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If You Can’t Fix It, Feature It!

by Joel Weldon on October 18, 2008 | Articles
If You Can't Fix It, Feature It!

When faced with pending tragedy or sudden difficulties that could demoralize the team, effective leaders can decide instead to celebrate! You can create events to foster joy, gratitude, humor or hope.

The Winding River

by Joel Weldon on May 28, 2008 | Articles
The Winding River

The Winding River: A story about leadership and vision.

Discipline, the Path to Freedom

by Joel Weldon on November 7, 2006 | Articles
Discipline, the Path to Freedom

What does the word “discipline” mean? It means freedom! It’s not putting yourself in a box; it’s putting yourself on top of the box, giving yourself a structure that can support you. The box is not a trap, a confinement, or a prison cell. It’s a platform, a solid step that affords you a higher vantage point from which to view your possibilities.

Say “I Do” to Growth and Improvement

by Joel Weldon on May 29, 2006 | Articles

Any good marriage should be held together by the warm, powerful, attraction that binds a man and a woman who are growing and improving as individuals.