The Attitude of Champions

by Bill Mansell on March 19, 2008 | Articles

What makes a champion different from the average person? Do they have more skills or expertise? Are their circumstances perfect? Are they endowed with exceptional natural talents? Do they have more money or greater opportunities? Or, is it simply good luck? The answer is that none of these things by themselves can create a champion. In fact, most top performers have had to deal with challenges above and beyond the average. So, what makes the difference? Studies show again and again that the difference is the champion’s attitude. True champions have a unique, positive outlook–an unfailing belief that focused, consistent effort will yield successful results. Here’s an example from the world of baseball…

Babe Ruth is remembered as one of the greatest baseball hitters in history with 714 home runs. Yet, his averages show that his skill was not unsurpassed. His technique–although impressive–was not particularly unusual. The thing that made “the babe” so great was his tenacity and his willingness to keep trying. He would often swing so hard at the ball that a missed hit would send him sprawling to the ground. But, when he connected, watch out! Once when asked the question, “babe, what do you do when you get in a batting slump?” he replied, “I just keep going up there and keep swinging at them. If I strike out two or three times in a game or fail to get a hit for a week, why should I worry? Let the pitchers worry, they’re the guys who’re gonna suffer later on.” What a great attitude!

Nearly forty years later, when Hank Aaron was about to break Babe Ruth’s record, author Og Mandino called the office of the Atlanta Braves and asked, “I know that Hank has 710 home runs, and needs only five more to break Ruth’s record, but I was wondering–how many lifetime strike-outs does he have?” The answer was 1,262 strike-outs. Imagine that! He was the best of the best, and still struck out almost twice as many times as he hit a home run.

The difference between a champion and the average person is that the champion keeps trying when the average person quits–his attitude drives him on. He refuses to consider the possibility of quitting because he is so totally convinced that success is imminent. I challenge you to adopt the attitude of a champion. Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid of missing opportunities when you don’t even try.

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James Canali May 25, 2015

Great Stuff!


Amadi Francis Whitefield September 22, 2012

Yes!! I agree with u, kumar. We all got a field to explore, as one hand are different so are our challnges starin at us, for it to be conquered


ifeanyichukwu otta August 30, 2012

failing and not quiting is winning habit but failing and quiting is failures habit so be a champion by keep on trying what u failed before u will get it right tomorrow. thanks for this


huu tran January 10, 2010

It’s all about attitude!


j a December 6, 2009

“Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid of missing opportunities when you don’t even try.”

Words I’m going to live by.


Jario November 28, 2009

I also think part of a Champion’s attitude is to know how to congratulate the challenger if they surpass his or her in the challenge. A good champion will congratulate the challenger that surpasses him or her. Yet, a bad champion will act like a spoiled brat if they lose.


David November 21, 2009

You are great.


kirshan rai September 11, 2009

Thanks for such an excellent article.


Sravan Kumar June 10, 2009

Attitude would change a bit if we go on reading the articles like this and stories of great people. But it shows more impact when you catch the point what the moral says. The above article excellently explains that be a champion in all the challenges you get. Our challenges are independent and our power to get it into our control is also different from person to person. The only way is just play with any challenge with all your energy and analyse the results. Just focus on your personal improvement but not on success. Because we would choose and compromise ourselves. We would choose negative ways as they appear shortest. But it is not heroic way. Heroic way is to challenge anything with our own efforts and analyse how much we improved ourselves.


ashri June 24, 2008

attitude is everything so i want to know about the champs attitude to develop myself.


ashri June 24, 2008

let me know more to change.


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