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by Bill Mansell on February 9, 2008 | Articles

It’s a rare person who doesn’t get discouraged. Whether it happens to you, or to an associate you’re trying to cheer up, the answer centers around one word: persistence.
The value of courage, persistence, and perseverance has rarely been illustrated more convincingly than in the life story of this man — see if you can guess who it is…

Failed in business                                           age 22

Ran for Legislature — defeated                    age 23

Again failed in business                                age 24

Elected to Legislature                                    age 25

His sweetheart died                                        age 26

Had a nervous breakdown                            age 27

Defeated for Speaker                                     age 29

Defeated for Elector                                       age 31

Defeated for Congress                                   age 34

Elected to Congress                                       age 37

Defeated for Congress                                   age 39

Defeated for Senate                                       age 46

Defeated for Vice President                          age 47

Defeated for Senate                                       age 49

Elected President of the United States       age 51

The question is not whether we will be knocked down, pushed aside, or treated unfairly — that happens to all of us, it’s life. The question is whether or not we will have the courage to get up and fight on. The old saying is still true “the race is not always to the swift . . . but to those who keep on trying.”

During the darkest days of WWII, Winston Churchhill refused to let the disappointment of temporary defeats destroy the will of the Allied forces. His now-famous speech that unified the coalition against the Nazi Regime consisted of only nine words: “Never give up. Never, never, never. Never give up.”

It seems that some of the most successful men and women in history had terrible problems to face and overcome. Who is the man who faced defeat after defeat but was finally elected President of the United States? Why it’s Abraham Lincoln, one of the greatest men in the history of the United States! He was great because his life wasn’t easy. He had to work, he had to struggle, he had to persist until he succeeded.

Do his disappointments sound familiar to you? Then you are in good company. You will persist until you succeed. You will continue to press forward. And one day, YOU TOO WILL WIN!

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