How to Save Time and Money by Getting Organized

by Barbara Boone on June 6, 2009 | Articles

The average employee today has about thirty-seven hours of unfinished work on his/her desk at any one time. The average American will spend one year searching through desk clutter for misplaced objects. It costs $120 in labor to track down a misplaced document or $250 in labor to recreate it. In a recession it is important to get organized to save time and money.

I have seen my clients suffer from the effects of disorganization. Some of those effects are:

  • Fees charged on late bills
  • Buying something that has already been purchased because they couldn’t find it
  • Time wasted looking for things
  • Not being able to find an important document
  • Costs for a storage unit because they have so much stuff or storing another person’s stuff for them
  • Spending more time to create a misplaced document

The effects of disorganization can be especially costly to a business. Here are some suggestions to save time and money.

  • Make sure you have a trusted filing system so that you can access documents quickly and easily.
  • File daily to get rid of paper clutter.
  • Use a calendar or daily planner to schedule appointments and tasks.
  • Have supplies organized in labeled containers in a nearby closet or other storage area that is easily accessible to all employees.
  • Have a bill paying system such as a tickler file.
  • Sort and purge on a regular basis to cut down on clutter.
  • Have a system for tackling email and social media websites

Barbara Boone is the owner of Productivity Solutions which helps small businesses create and sustain a productive work environment by setting up systems for their workspace, work flow design, paper and digital information, and project management.

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