Constant Amid Change

by Bill Mansell on December 1, 2008 | Articles

Enjoying the fall colors recently, I noticed that the evergreen trees remain untouched by the change of season. These majestic pines rise tall and constant in a sea of change.

It seems that change is all around us. Business approaches, technology, social trends, fashions — all change regularly. These changes are occurring at an ever increasing rate. Many of them are positive advancements: needed to compete in a global economy. But, change is not always progress. There are some things that should remain constant. There are some principles that are universal and if disregarded or discarded, often result in disaster. Principles such as customer service, honesty, thrift, courtesy, hard work, respect, appreciation, and optimism should, like a pine among aspens, remain constant amid the swirling changes of our society.

Try it for yourself. Try being courteous and see if you don’t get a better response. Try a little thrift in your expenditures and see if it doesn’t boost your pocketbook. Try giving excellent customer service and see if it doesn’t improve your reputation as well as your bottom line. Try expressing honest appreciation when someone does something, however small, for you and see if you don’t feel great while encouraging someone else in the mean time. Use these timeless principles to guide your actions and you will notice a marked increase in your productivity, value, and self-esteem.

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