Assuming the Sale

by Tim Mulcahy on July 14, 2008 | Articles

In order to achieve an extremely high closing ratio in sales you must assume that the outcome of your presentations will be as you desire. Assuming the sale means that right from the beginning, and all the way through the process, you believe and remain committed to achieving the goal you set.

To become a Sales Superstar you must create a script designed with the purpose of closing the sale with ease every time.  Closing on the first call is usually the best case scenario in selling. In certain cases a sale may require a few contacts based on the complexity of the solution offered, however it is essential that each presentation closes the prospect into moving to the next desired step.

All the fundamentals of a perfect presentation work synergistically and are essential in closing sales at a high ratio. Assumption at the close is a pivotal moment of truth and usually this is the step in the sales process that separates the Superstars from the average sales representatives. Assuming at the close involves using a strategic question and proper body language. A powerful and effective technique is to break eye contact and ask a question that implies the agreement. For example you could ask for the spelling of the name of the person or organization as you break eye contact and begin to right the order. Like most new habits it may seem unnatural and tense initially, however over time this will become second nature. Based on your specific selling situation you will need to develop a similar type of close that leverages the power of assumption.

Assuming is essential during the entire presentation and is mandatory at the close. A simple and effective way to determine if you are properly applying this fundamental is to ask yourself this question: Are you more surprised when a prospect says yes to your offer than when they say no? If you are shocked when they say no you are clearly assuming the sale and you most likely find closing easy. Be conscious of your own body language when you receive objections as this will help gauge if your attitude and beliefs are leveraging the power of properly assuming the sale.

Assumption is one of the 7 fundamentals of a perfect presentation that must be applied in order to close at a high ratio. As with most skills, once you understand the theory, the key to success is applying and improving it constantly and making it a habit. Assumption is the fundamental that will make the greatest difference in your closing ratio and once you have mastered it you will be a Sales Superstar.

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