Matt Townsend

Matt TownsendAcclaimed national speaker and relationship expert, Matt Townsend uses his unique gift of understanding relationships to help individuals, couples, and families learn the skills they need to better relate. With over 30 years as a life-skills coach and seminar leader, and drawing on his PH.D. training in relationships and communication, Dr. Townsend can empower you to overcome STARVED relationships and make them thrive. More about Matt Townsend

Feeding the Starved Marriage – audio

In this fun and dynamic live seminar recording, Matt teaches the fundamental elements of relationships such as getting out of the “low brain,” learning not to react, positive interpretation and the patterns of relating. These are key factors in understanding how to improve and feed a relationship. It’s a perfect audio seminar for couples looking to re-energize their relationship skills or who are struggling to make the relationship work.

6 audio CDs + Workbook



MP3 (7 hours)



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Starved Stuff – book

Creating a healthy and lasting relationship with your partner can be both wonderful and demanding. In Starved Stuff: Feeding the 7 Basic Needs of Healthy Relationships, acclaimed national speaker and relationship expert Matt Townsend explores both the challenges and solutions for healthier couples. Is your relationship STARVED, or does it just have the munchies? You’ll find out in this must-have relationship guide.

paperback (400 pages)