Charles F. Haanel

Dale CarnegieCharles F. Haanel was a business man and philosopher who articulated the “Law of Attraction” in his books and writings. He was contemporary of Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, and other classic self improvement writers. His Master Key System is just as applicable for inspiring personal and business success today as it was when first written over 100 years ago. His writings have inspired thousands to dream of a better future, then make it happen. Hannel’s philosophy goes beyond positive thinking by putting concrete success tools in your hand.

Master Key System – audio

The Master Key System teaches its readers that everything around us was first developed as a thought. Thought, therefore, is the powerful catalyst towards making any idea a reality. Based upon the principle of using thought as the manifestation of creative energy, The Master Key System instructs the reader on how to use the power of these thoughts to realize your dreams. Beyond mere positive thinking, The Master Key System can help to uncover your path to success.

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