Jonathan Sprinkles

Jonathan Sprinkles has been delivering programs on personal and professional leadership that have gotten him featured on ABC, Fox News, Headline News, and Forbes. Jonathan Sprinkles is living proof that success isn’t about where you start, it’s where you choose to finish!

Step Up, Lead & Be The One! – DVD

Don’t settle for the status quo, but instead step up and became a catalyst for change! In this captivating program, award-winning speaker Jonathan Sprinkles shares powerful stories and motivating principles for being the one who reshapes your future, both at home and at work. You’ll learn how to sell yourself and your ideas, maintain a positive attitude of expectation, thank others with sincerity, build your confidence, keep yourself motivated and much more. It’s time to take charge of your circumstances. Be the one!

1 DVD video (75 min) - Feb 2012 Free Preview Clip    


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