Has Civil Society Come to an End?

by Bill Mansell on December 18, 2012 | One Minute Motivators

The Mayan calendar ends in three days.  A few have suggested that this is a prediction that the world will end on December 21st.  I personally doubt it.  However, I am worried about the demise of our civil society.  With the recent horrible shooting tragedies in Colorado and Connecticut, many feel that our society has already come to an end — that elements of a cultured civilization such as respect, integrity, kindness, virtue, forgiveness, and personal responsibility have all but disappeared, leaving only violence, conflict, depravity, and victim-hood.

Could this be true?

The short answer is: absolutely not!  While it’s true that civility is decreasing, and violence and degeneracy are increasing, we have by no means lost our society.


What happens in the future depends upon two things:

1) How we personally choose to act

While it’s true that traditional standards of decency have declined in popularity, we can make the personal choice to act with civility, kindness, morality, and integrity, no matter what anyone else is choosing to do.  In a world where so many are fighting — from governments, to classes, to racial groups, to individuals — you can choose to promote peace.  Make the choice to stand out and promote civil society through your personal behavior.  Set the example in your relationships with your neighbors and family members.

2) What we choose to focus on

With so much that is disappointing in our culture, it’s so easy to focus only on what is wrong.  Yet, there is much that is good and beautiful if we’ll just look for it.  Don’t assume that what is reported in the media is all there is to know.  Look around.  You’ll find that most people are decent and considerate.  Most parents love their children and want the best for them.  We are surrounded by quiet heroes who promote and defend that which is good in our society.  Let us choose to focus on this. Let us avoid entertainment or news which celebrates violence and depravity and, instead, center our thoughts, conversation, and energy on promoting the goodness in humanity.

Success Tip: Choose to promote positive virtues in your personal actions and to focus on the good in others.  It will improve your attitude, your happiness, and ultimately improve our world.

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William December 18, 2012

You’re so right. One of the groups that people think have little civility is college students. But, recently I visited a college campus and had a completely unexpected, positive experience. The only parking space available was next to a parking meter. I was standing around the car looking through my pockets for some change when a young man walked past carrying books. “Do you need money for the meter?” he asked. I explained that we didn’t have any change because we weren’t expecting to have to use a parking meter. He casually walked over, put in enough money to fill the meter, and walked away, saying, “have a great day!”


Judy December 18, 2012

Great message, Bill! Thank you!


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