Be a Little Early

by Bill Mansell on February 20, 2009 | One Minute Motivators

We can learn an important lesson from boat racers. A professional racer came to a local boat club race. He practiced running at top speed from the starting point along the course. All the other racers were circling together at half speed near the starting point. As the race was about to start, the racers all turned toward the starting point and were beginning to accelerate as the starting gun went off. All the boats were at the starting line together, but the professional racer was already at top speed and instantly passed the others. By the first turn, he was clearly ahead and well on his way to winning the race.

You too need to be at top speed when you hit the starting line. Make it a practice to be a few minutes early to every appointment so you can get ready, physically and mentally, to hit the ground running. Those who race in at the last minute, often spend the first few minutes of the presentation gathering their thoughts and their materials.

Success Tip: Arrive a few minutes early for every appointment to give yourself time to get ready.

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