Sell To Survive

by Grant Cardone on January 9, 2009 | Articles

Nothing will get you through these economic unusual times more than getting back to effectively selling your products, your services and your company. It is more critical during this time more than ever before that you learn everything there is about selling, negotiating and closing.

Those that are able to effectively sell will survive and those that cannot will suffer. It is critical that business owners and managers understand that the mistakes a company and its people make with regards to selling will be more expensive right now than ever before. Even the smallest mistakes in selling will be extremely expensive by running off customers and losing opportunities. SELL SELL SELL-nothing else matters. The management teams that spend less than 95% of their time on selling will find themselves going backwards. The only reason a business or an individual will fail is the inability to sell their products and services at prices high enough and in quantities great enough!

95% of all the energy and efforts of the company, management and its employees has to be on selling. Advertising and marketing are important but if they don’t result in sales, the company will abandon those efforts due to a lack of sales results.

Management’s daily attention must be on: 1) Ensuring people’s attitudes are positive, 2) Effective 21st Century selling skills (not just old school tactics), 3) Effective negotiations in order to maintain gross profits, 4) How to close the deal so that your efforts actually hit your books

While much of management is looking for ways to figure out how to reduce expenses, the fact remains that nothing will get a company through these times more than increasing the gross sales line of its income statement. Nothing else matters at this time more than selling. ONLY THOSE TRAINED DAILY ON HOW TO SELL WILL SURVIVE!

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