Sales is Miracle Cure to Sick Economy

by Grant Cardone on April 6, 2007 | Articles

Continued reports point to an economy that is going to remain sick for some time and if you want to get well and stay well teach everyone in the organization to sell. A sick economy is like flu season, take extra care not to get sick.  If you see others getting sick stay away from them, avoid doing what they do or where they go to get sick.  If you do get sick,  first get well and get yourself in a condition so that you don’t relapse. The exact same steps is what companies and individuals should do to recover from sick economy:

1) Avoid how you got affected,
2) get yourself well again,
3) condition your organization so you don’t relapse,
4) become sales driven not market driven.

The only miracle cure for this economy is sales! The current economy requires the sick to get well and that means you must change the behavior that caused you to get infected by the economy. You did something to be negatively affected by the economy. Get yourself and your company so ‘sales’ strong and resilient that it can not be affected in the future. Sales is the only miracle cure to the sick economy.

Like the body needs the right foods, vitamins, fluids and conditioning, the company needs motivation, focus, sales training and sales solutions. The only cure for a bad economy is sales and revenue! Your company must make sales the single most important issue in the upcoming year.  Management: contrary to what you are being told, what got you sick was NOT overspending, it was underselling. Overspending was just one of the reasons people have been affected, the greater issue was not taking full advantage of every opportunity when things were easy!   Admit it, you took the ‘goldilocks’ economy for granted and didn’t maximize the opportunities.

Now is the time to get your company conditioned to weather and recover from the sick economy and that means becoming sales driven organization.  Create a no excuse, no negativity environment where sales is the only way out!  Avoid the chronically sick thinking that is so abundant in the market and insist that your people have superior attitudes.  Sales skills, can-do attitudes and follow up will be the key to getting well and staying well!  Management’s job is to become sales driven not market driven and that means making things happen, not waiting for them to happen. Companies that wait for the market to heal will stay sick long after the economy recovers.

Sales training, sales processes, best sales practices, and even ‘only’ practices (actions only your company takes) is what will get you well again. Don’t wait for a recovery, create it!

You want to get well and stay well in a sick economy?  You better take care of yourself, stay away from the sick thinking of others, and learn everything you can about selling. Selling is the miracle cure for sick economy. 

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