Raising Positive Kids

by Zig Ziglar on March 29, 2011 | Articles

A song of yesteryear delivered the message that we should “accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.”  To raise positive kids, one negative we must seriously restrict is television viewing time.  Here’s how.

On Sunday afternoon, parent and child (or parents and children) review the television guide and together choose one hour each day for viewing programs which are wholesome.  Next, the parent, based on the age of the child and the financial ability of the parent, makes a contract which works this way: Give the child from 25 cents to as much as $2.00 an hour for the hours of television which the child does not watch during the week.  Have the child put 50% of the amount they have “earned” for the week in a savings or investment program for their education and give them 40% to buy anything they wish which you do not feel inclined to buy for  them.  The remaining 10% can be his or her tithe to the church or donation to a charitable organization which the child has helped to select.

This process will dramatically reduce the hours of television youngsters watch.

Second, it teaches them to make choices and that every choice has a result or consequence.

Third, it teaches them to save money and to be concerned for others.

Fourth, it frees them up for study, exercise and family activities.

Many parents tell me that their kids almost immediately – or at least after the first two weeks – have a much better attitude. Incidentally, parents should follow the same guidelines.  There are some exceptions, i.e., a special educational program which genuinely benefits all.  And parents, don’t hide behind the old saw about “this is adult entertainment.”  If it’s not good for the kids, chances are good it’s not good for adults.  Remember that – as my Mama used to say -“Children pay more attention, to what you do than what you say.”

Parents, help your kids get to the top by making certain the input into their minds is wholesome, and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

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