Bob Proctor

Bob ProctorBob Proctor teaches anyone who will listen how to attract wealth, health, and happiness. Now, at seventy years of age, he is more excited than ever about the future. As a high-demand speaker and trainer, he helps people create lush lives of prosperity, rewarding relationships and spiritual awareness. Bob connects with people because he hasn’t always been rich. He knows first hand the stresses and frustration of being always broke with limited hope. Then, he discovered one secret that turned him from a high-school dropout and failure into a self-made millionaire. Bob knows, from personal experience, how to help you reach your most important goals. More about Bob Proctor

Science of Getting Rich – DVD

This live seminar is absolutely fantastic! Bob Proctor is on fire, and the audience can feel it! This is the kind of program you’ll want to watch many times over. You’ll learn to tap into the power of your gold mine, overcome discouragement and sweep aside opposition. Discover how to find excitement, big ideas, and solutions to every problem. Create and maintain a winner’s self-image. It’s loaded with great ideas and philosophies for creating big dreams and making them a reality.

1 DVD video (105 min) - Aug 2004 Free Preview Clip    


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