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Irresistible Offer – CD

The Irresistible Offer

Your customers are going to give you three seconds to make the sale. Do you know what to say in those three seconds? The marketing methods of the past are losing effectiveness as consumers are getting smarter and smarter and have less and less time. You need a new way of doing business–a method that is both socially responsible and far more effective. Don’t manipulate your customer. Manipulate your offer instead-so customers find it, and your company truly irresistible!

4 audio CDs


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Law of the Garbage Truck – audio

Law of the Garbage Truck - audio

Learn how to respond to people who dump on you, and how to stop dumping on others. In The Law of the Garbage Truck, David J. Pollay shows us that by refusing to let others dump their “garbage” (negativity, anger, resentment) on us—and letting it “pass by” instead—we become happier and more successful, both personally and professionally. And when we stop dumping garbage on others, we improve our relationships, strengthen our businesses, and bring our communities together.

5 audio CDs



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Leadership Mastery Course – audio

Leadership Mastery Course - audio

Learn how to challenge yourself and others to greatness! The skill of leadership can put you in total control of your life and make your dreams a reality. It can move your career onto the fast track and bring you high levels of prestige. It can make you a powerful communicator with vast influence over others. Plus, it can improve your relationships, your decision-making ability, and your peace of mind about the world and where it’s headed. Learn leadership skills from the master leader himself, Dale Carnegie.

Complete Seminar on 6 audio CDs


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Live Video Seminar Series – DVD package

Live Video Seminar Series - DVD package

Save on the complete Live Video Seminar Series! What if you could hire a world-class speaker to motivate your office or sales team? How much would it cost for a 1-hour speech? With the Live Video Seminar Series on DVD, you can have a top trainer present to your group every week of the year for less than you would pay to hire a speaker one time. Soon, you’ll notice dramatic increases in your team’s attitude, skill-set, and level of motivation.

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Managing Meetings that Get Results – DVD

Managing Meetings that Get Results

The average manager spends almost 40% of their his or her time in meetings. Therefore, it’s imperative that you make meetings as productive as possible. Meetings can be the most productive or the most destructive use of your (and your company’s) time. Learn techniques to improve your effectiveness by more than 50%. Includes a one-hour DVD video, ideal for meetings and training sessions, audio CDs based on the video, and PDF workbooks.

1 DVD, 2 CDs, PDF workbooks




MasterMind Marketing System – audio

MasterMind Marketing System

The Master Mind Marketing System shows you how to take maximum advantage of the hidden opportunities, assets and advantages you possess NOW. 98 out of 100 people use tunnel vision in their own business endeavors, never looking beyond the traditional ways of doing business in their own field. Through Jay Abraham’s experience in over 400 different industries, you will expand your view of what is possible. You’ll look at things differently and gain the ability to think outside the box to find solutions.

6 audio CDs + online workbook


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Meetings: Fun & Exciting? Yes! – DVD

Meetings: Fun & Exciting? Yes! - DVD

Formal or informal, 10 minutes to 5 days, meetings take up an enormous amount of our business lives. Be honest, how many do you look forward to, or really find of great value? If you run staff meetings, present to executives, organize company conferences or conventions, this video training program is for you. Successful meetings can positively impact your reputation and elevate your career.

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Millionaire Next Door – audio

The Millionaire Next Door - audio

Throw out your preconceived notions about how millionaires look and act. They generally live simply and frugally. And, you can be one, too! You’ll hear story after story about regular people who built their fortune, bit by bit, quietly, and steadily. You’ll learn their secrets–what these quiet millionaires believe and do differently that allows them to amass huge levels of net worth on about the same income as you.

7 Audio CDs


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Networking Skills That Work – DVD

Networking Skills That Work

In this high content, high energy seminar, you’ll get the keys to unlock the treasure of creating powerful relationships – because people are the source of our greatest joys and triumphs! Effective face to face connecting and interacting can help you increase sales, gain a promotion, get hired, make more friends, and be a more effective leader. The way you interact can easily make the difference between rich, long-term, rewarding relationships, or contacts that lead to nothing.

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One Minute Manager Collection – audio

One Minute Manager Audio Collection

This timely and affordable collection includes:
* The One Minute Manager
* Putting The One Minute Manager To Work
Two best-selling programs to help you save time, increase productivity, get the most from your people, and achieve a balance between supervision and delegation.

3 audio CDs


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Phone Power – DVD

Phone Power - DVD

How to Make the Telephone Your Most Powerful Business Tool. George Walther is an internationally acclaimed expert at boosting telephone effectiveness. Whether your a sales person, business professional or customer service representative, you’ll quickly benefit from these proven, practical ideas for getting through and impacting people on the phone. Learn to improve your ability to communicate with clarity, eliminate phone tag and other time wasters, keep conversations positive and productive, and more.

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Power of Nice – book

Power of Nice

Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval have moved to the top of the advertising industry by following a simple but powerful philosophy: it pays to be nice. Where so many companies encourage a dog-eat-dog mentality, The Kaplan Thaler Group has succeeded through chocolate and flowers. In The Power of Nice, through their own experiences and the powerful stories of other people and businesses, they demonstrate why, contrary to conventional wisdom, nice people finish first.

hardcover (144 pages)




Power of Outrageous Marketing – audio

Power of Outrageous Marketing

In this amazing program, Joe Vitale reveals the extraordinary, unusual methods of people who attracted the most money and attention to themselves and their businesses with the least amount of effort and time. He reveals the 10 secrets used by such outrageous marketers such as P.T. Barnum, Richard Branson, Madonna, Donald Trump, Houdini, J. Paul Getty, Mark Twain, and others. Whether your business is large or small, here are the ideas you need to hit the big time.

8 CDs, 2 books, workbook




Prospecting Skills That Work – DVD

Prospecting Skills That Work - DVD

How to set more appointments and close more sales. Prospecting is a critical activity that always leads to more sales, yet most salespeople dislike it. In this fast-paced, entertaining session, Warren Greshes will show you how to stay consistently motivated, overcome call reluctance, develop a powerful script for setting appointments, keep track of your activity, lower sales resistance, handle the most common objections with ease, and actually enjoy the entire process.

1 DVD video (65 min) - Jun 2007 Free Preview Clip    


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Ready, Fire, Aim – audio

Ready, Fire, Aim

Over the course of his remarkably successful career, Masterson has developed dozens of businesses. Whether you’re thinking about starting a new business or growing an existing one, Ready, Fire, Aim has what you need to succeed in your entrepreneurial endeavors. In this remarkable business guide, you’ll discover how to start a profitable business from scratch, keep a growing business growing, get other people to work hard for you, become a business builder, and duplicate your winning strategy.

10 audio CDs


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Science of Personal Achievement – audio

The Science of Personal Achievement

Andrew Carnegie • Thomas Edison • Henry Ford . . . each faced repeated setbacks, yet each became enormously successful. How? Napoleon Hill devoted his life to studying this question. Analyzing the success of more than 500 of the 20th Century’s greatest achievers he found that the essence of success lies within 17 simple principles that, when used together, serve as an infallible formula for achievement.

6 audio CDs


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Setting Business Strategy – DVD

Setting Business Strategy

Every successful business starts with an effective business strategy. Whether you call it a mission statement or business plan, your business cannot grow without following a cohesive program. Brian trains managers to develop a business strategy. The program includes a one-hour DVD, ideal for meetings and training sessions, two audio CDs, and 2 PDF workbooks.

1 DVD, 2 CDs, PDF workbooks




Speed of Trust: Live From L.A. – audio

Speed of Trust: Live From L.A.

In this powerful live recording, Stephen M. R. Covey articulates why trust has become the key leadership competency of the new global economy. Trust is a measurable accelerator to performance. When trust goes up, speed also goes up while cost comes down, producing a “trust dividend.” Covey reveals the 13 Behaviors common to high-trust leaders throughout the world with insights that will enable you to increase trust in all your relationships.

3 audio CDs


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Street Smart Selling & Marketing – DVD

Street Smart Selling & Marketing - DVD

Take Your Client Base to a Whole New Level. When it comes to street-smart selling and marketing strategies, Jeff Slutsky is at the top of his field. As dynamic as he is informative, Jeff knows how to captivate an audience and leave them cheering. Learn dozens of innovative tactics for marketing your products more effectively than ever before. You’ll hear clever stories loaded with insights, ideas, and humor. Qualify your prospects, creatively outsmart the competition, boost cold calling results, and more.

1 DVD video (105 min) - Feb 2005 Free Preview Clip    


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Stress Management for Professionals – DVD

Stress Management for Professionals - DVD

How you handle pressure can mean the difference between being happy and productive … or frustrated and anxious. This program will teach you how to take control of the stress in your life and make it a positive force for action. You’ll learn that the better you feel about yourself, the less vulnerable you are to stressful situations. This positive message will leave you energized and confident — ready to lead a brighter, more balanced life. Here are proven strategies to shield you from overstress and burnout.

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Thriving on Change – DVD

Thriving on Change - DVD

Learn to create positive results in turbulent times. Change management skills are critical for organizations and individuals alike. Whether it’s upsizing, downsizing, changing vendors, upgrading computer systems, moving to a new location, starting in a new position, or any other deviation from the norm, this fast-paced change management seminar will teach you the skills, strategies, and belief systems necessary to take charge of change in your business, and in your personal life and give you practical skills for managing the process more effectively than ever before.

1 DVD video (60 min) - Oct 2008 Free Preview Clip    


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Who Moved My Cheese? – audio

Who Moved My Cheese?

An instant best seller, this simple parable reveals profound truths about change. It is an amusing and enlightening story of four characters who live in a “Maze” and look for “cheese” to nourish them and make them happy. Written for all ages, the story takes a little over an hour to listen to, but its unique insights can last a lifetime.

2 audio CDs


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Would You Do Business With You? – DVD

Would You Do Business With You? - DVD

How to Get, Keep, and Wow Customers in a Competitive Market. For more than 20 years, Jane Handly has been highly sought-after as a speaker, trainer & consultant in the area of customer service & retention. She teaches practical ideas on exceeding expectations, handling difficult situations, increasing internal team work, boosting sales and much more. As dynamic as she is down to earth, her unique style captivates and motivates people to go the extra mile to wow their customers.

1 DVD video (80 min) - Aug 2005 Free Preview Clip    


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Ziglar Training Systems Video Series – DVD

Ziglar Training Systems DVD Series

Every company should have access to the very best training, regardless of their training budget. Ziggets is a comprehensive, easy-to-use video training package designed especially for small companies, departments or organizations. The series contains six modules: Customer Service, Management, Marketing, Personal Development, Sales, and Team Development. It includes 48 half-hour lessons with audio & video segments, instructor’s guides, & worksheets.

6 DVDs, 6 CDs, worksheets. guides Free Preview Clip    


$80 off


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