Kerry Johnson

Kerry JohnsonLearn to break unwanted habits, banish procrastination, boost self-discipline, avoid self-sabatage, and build trust and rapport with Dr. Kerry Johnson. More about Kerry Johnson

Science of Self-Discipline – audio

The Science of Self-Discipline

With the power to break unwanted habits, banish procrastination, and avoid self-sabotage, you could accomplish anything. This breakthrough program tells you how to make self-discipline automatic. Learn three easy steps to overcome procrastination…ways to reward yourself for completing desired activities…self-discipline to build wealth…and more.

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Trust Factor – DVD

Trust Factor - DVD

Building trust and rapport has never played as important a role as it does in today’s business climate. People want to feel a true relationship with their sales representative. In this high energy, entertaining program you’ll discover some of the most advanced NLP techniques for quickly breaking the ice with your clients and connecting with them at a deeper level. Learn the differences between the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic communication styles, and how to stay in rapport with each one. Perfect for group meetings to train and energize salespeople and other professionals.

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