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Turn your company training room, or your own living room, into a success and achievement seminar with these affordable, world-class video seminars on DVD. Exploring timely topics like effective communication, time management, sales training, motivation, team building, customer service, boosting memory, etc., these live seminar recordings will help to train, inspire, and motivate yourself and your organization. Free Preview Clip View titles that have Preview Clips.

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10 Keys to Personal Power – DVD

Keys to Personal Power

Where can you find the motivation to reach deep down inside and harness the amazing power that already lies within you? Learn 10 keys to personal success and achievement from the master of success. As head of two companies, Brian Tracy has consulted with more than 500 corporations. The former COO of a $75 million dollar a year corporation, he speaks four languages and shares his winning insights with hundreds of thousands worldwide.

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21st Century Leadership – DVD

21st Century Leadership - DVD

Learn how to build your team, your career, and yourself. Having trained more than two-thirds of the Fortune 500 companies, Don Hutson presents ideas and strategies for boosting your team’s performance. Managing takes a specific set of skills to do it well and gain cooperation for a breakthrough, high-performance team. You’ll learn how to motivate and positively connect with your team, the secrets of exceptional managers, managing different people differently, helping your people clarify their goals, and more

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24 Techniques for Closing the Sale – DVD

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Learn how to be an excellent closer! Research shows that most salespeople spend long hours getting to know their product or service, prospecting, cultivating the right customers, etc. But, few take the time to learn effective closing skills. Here are Brian Tracy’s 24 proven, powerful closing techniques that will help any salesperson close even the most demanding customer.

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7 Habits and 8th Habit – DVD package

7 Habits and 8th Habit - DVD

Now you can enjoy DVD versions of both blockbuster programs by Stephen R. Covey. You’ll learn the Foundational Principles of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People PLUS how to move from effectiveness to greatness in The 8th Habit. Both of these engaging video programs feature Dr. Stephen R. Covey in person explaining these concepts before a live audience.

2 DVD videos (184 min)


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7 Habits of Highly Effective People – DVD

7 Habits of Highly Effective People - DVD

First published in 1989, The 7 Habits book has been a leadership and personal success guide for millions. Now, in this 20th anniversary video edition, Dr. Covey teaches the foundational principles of the 7 Habits with clarity and insight. This dynamic program features video clips of Dr. Covey at live seminar events. Every person can truly control his or her destiny with this profound yet straightforward guidance.

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8th Habit – DVD

8th Habit - DVD

In this compelling video presentation, Stephen R. Covey will inspire you to discover your voice and your passion, and, ultimately, feel more engaged with the world around you. Dr. Covey pushes leaders to be not only effective but truly great. Learn from the most respected source on leadership how to find your voice and inspire others to find theirs, contribute and succeed in the Knowledge Economy, make leadership a choice versus a position, and turn an organization’s top goals into action.

1 DVD video (84 min)


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8th Habit Companion – DVD

8th Habit Companion - DVD

This companion DVD contains 13 award-winning video illustrations of the concepts in Stephen R. Covey’s 8th Habit program. They are licensed for public showing in an office or seminar setting. The DVD includes the following video illustrations: Legacy, Max & Max, Discovery of a Character, Law of the Harvest, Stone, Permanent Whitewater, Mauritius, Big Rocks, Teacher, Street Hawkers, Berlin Wall, Nature of Leadership, and It’s Wildly Important.

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Accelerate Your Business DVD

Accelerate Your Business DVD

In this content-loaded seminar, Dan Coughlin guides you through 19 specific action steps covering a variety of important topics, including leadership, innovation, branding, and sales. You’ll learn how to unleash more creativity, connect through listening, give better feedback, increase the perceived value of your offering, influence others even more effectively, and much more. If you follow all of the practical advice contained in this program, you are sure to generate outstanding results that are truly sustainable.

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Accountability Advantage – DVD

The Accountability Advantage - DVD

Why do some succeed while others fail? It starts with eliminating excuses, eradicating justifications and taking personal accountability for choices, actions and results. It starts with accountability. In this practical program you’ll learn the four phases of accountability and the five critical, but often overlooked, ways to be proactively accountable. Learn how to increase your success and significance in both business and life. You’ll also discover what road-blocks might be stopping you from achieving your goals.

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Achievement in Action – DVD

Achievement in Action

Go ahead, dream big dreams. Then, let Brian Tracy show you how to make all your dreams come true. It’s not wishful thinking, it’s the psychology of achievement. In this fast-paced, inspirational seminar, Brian Tracy presents clearly and precisely an outline for going beyond your dreams to accomplish every goal. You’ll learn to develop your unique talents, practice the habits of achievers, work on the highest value tasks, overcome fear of failure, and become an unshakable optimist.

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Activating the Law of Attraction – DVD

Activating the Law of Attraction - DVD

Like gravity, the Law of Attraction is at work in your life everyday. Once you become aware of its possibilities, you can direct and amplify the effects to get the results you want. Jack Canfield defines critical steps and thought processes that can take your life to a whole new level. You’ll hear powerful stories that will expand your vision sense that virtually anything is possible. Discover the ultimate seminar for getting everything you have always dreamed of, and activate the Law of Attraction in your life today!

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Advanced Body Language – DVD

Advanced Body Language - DVD

This engaging and humorous program examines virtually every aspect of conscious and subconscious communication including time, space, appearance, posture, gesture, voice, facial expression, eye contact, touch, silence, and even smell. You’ll know how to tell if people are lying to you, and what their real intentions are. You’ll also learn how to project yourself with greater confidence, and influence people with more precision than ever before.

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Advanced Selling in Action – DVD

Advanced Selling in Action

Discover how top salespeople use self-image modification to address the changing needs of customers. Learn the 4 practical steps for building a solid relationship with every prospect and customer. Observe how today’s sales process is affected by credibility factors. Uncover today’s 10 proven sales principles that work, regardless of the product or service.

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Art of Coaching in Business – DVD

The Art of Coaching in Business

This is one of the best coaching videos you will ever see! Interesting and practical, it features experts in their fields, sharing their wisdom and experience about successful coaching. Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines, Jack Nicklaus, Sarah Nash, and more. Effective coaching is essential to building any successful organization. Team building through coaching is the most powerful tool managers have to improve individual and team performance.

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Astounding Customer Service – DVD

Astounding Customer Service - DVD

What is the cost of losing a customer? In today’s competitive environment, it is a cost no business can afford. Dr. Tony Alessandra teaches how employees in all areas of your business can easily and quickly increase their customer service skills–anyone from secretaries to managers to the CEO him/herself! This complete seminar includes 8 power packed segments on Customer Service, three on Listening Skills, and two on Telephone Skills to get and keep customers.

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Best Things in Life Aren’t Things – DVD

Best Things in Life Aren't Things - DVD

Today’s society places tremendous significance on physical appearance, possessions and money. From childhood, we are programmed to want more and more–to place greater importance on “things” rather than people and relationships. Jim Tuman illustrates how to get back in touch with the true essence of life through real-life stories that will touch your heart and soul. You’ll learn how to cut through barriers to create more loving, caring relationships. A captivating program, perfect for kids and adults alike.

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Beyond Excellence – DVD

Beyond Excellence

This fast-paced program will help you to become extraordinary in business, and in life. Using real world examples & powerful stories, Robert Stevenson covers ideas, including leadership, accountability, dealing with stress, handling change, how to criticize, the power of laughter, how to exceed expectations, balance, and much more. These ideas will remind you of all the things you need to do to soar above and beyond excellence.

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Blue Water 88 – DVD

Blue Water 88

Now, you can do what successful people do: program yourself for success! Blue Water 88 is a stunning combination of exotic underwater video, hypnotic Tibetan music, and eight audio choices: one non-subliminal track and seven subliminal theme tracks that contain 88 positive subliminal affirmations on each of the following topics: Health, Weight Loss, Confidence & Self-Esteem, Enhancing Sleep & Dreams, Wealth & Prosperity, Intimacy, and Releasing Stress & Anxiety.

1 DVD Video + Subliminal Audio


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Born to Win Seminar Library – CDs & DVDs

Born to Win Seminar Library by Zig Ziglar

For over 25 years, people have gathered in Dallas, Texas for the premier experience of their lives: the Zig Ziglar Born to Win Seminar. They have left days later as changed individuals. Now, you can experience the same personal and professional transformation at your home or office with Zig Ziglar’s signature seminar on CD and DVD! Hour after hour, Zig speaks to you as if you’re sitting front-row center in his sold-out seminar.

15 Audio CDs + 5 video sessions on 3 DVDs + Workbook & Planner PDF


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Change Your Brain Change Your Body – DVD

Change Your Brain Change Your Body - DVD

In this Public Television Special 2 DVD Set, Dr. Amen shows you how to take the very best care of your brain because the key to a better body—in shape, energized, and youthful—is a healthy brain. With practical, easy-to-implement solutions involving nutritious foods, natural supplements and vitamins, positive-thinking habits, and, when necessary, highly targeted medications, you’ll learn how to reach and maintain your ideal weight, soothe and smooth your skin at any age, reduce stress, sharpen your memory, increase willpower and eliminate the cravings that keep you from achieving your exercise and diet goals. Start putting the power of the brain to work for your body today.

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Change Your Brain Change Your Life – DVD

Change Your Brain Change Your Life - DVD

This video is an extended version of the breakthrough Public Television special. It’s packed with helpful tips and practical brain science, including Dr. Amen’s 7 simple principles to change your brain and change your life, plus tips on how to be happier, more focused, less anxious and less depressed by balancing brain systems. Discover 12 brain-healthy foods everyone should include in their diet, and more!

1 DVD video (2008)


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Closes Closes Closes – DVD

Closes Closes Closes - DVD

Join Zig Ziglar, America’s foremost expert in sales motivation, as he demonstrates the numerous sales closes described in his best-selling book, Secrets of Closing The Sale (book included). This will prove to be a valuable sales training tool as you learn the how-to’s of sales closing techniques. In his own memorable way, Zig demonstrates over 60 creative closes that you can adapt to any selling situation. This program is designed for individual use as well as a tool for sales managers in sales training classes.

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Cold Calling Techniques – DVD

Cold Calling Techniques - DVD

You can’t make a sale unless you have an appointment first. In fact, prospecting is the key to successful selling. Now, sales expert Steve Schiffman teaches you how to avoid “sales slumps” and down periods in income by teaching effective cold calling techniques. This best-selling video seminar will not only teach you HOW to set a sales appointment over the phone, but will motivate you to get started. 2 session set on 1 DVD.

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Communication Skills That Work – DVD

Communication Skills That Work - DVD

Whether you’re a manager, supervisor, or just someone who needs help in dealing with difficult people, you need tools to communicate more effectively, gain the confidence to stand up to bullies, and speak your truth with grace. No longer will you have to run away from conflict or confrontation. With these powerful and practical ideas, you’ll know exactly what to say, how to say it and when to say it.

1 DVD video (53 min) - Oct 2012 Free Preview Clip    


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Connecting For Results – DVD

Connecting For Results

How do you cultivate customer relationships where your clients want to tell others all about you? What will make you irresistible? Discover principles for building long-term customer relationships for higher retention, and far more referrals. You’ll learn the power of intent, the importance of your appearance, how to make people feel more valued, limiting words you should avoid and more. Commit to building stronger customer relationships.

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Conversation on Character – DVD

Conversation on Character - DVD

Zig Ziglar speaks from his heart about character and how it relates to our personal and professional success. Zig is casual, informal, and insightful in this three hour interview. This legacy program cuts to the chase as you experience Zig sharing from the heart his beliefs on honesty, integrity, love, goals, passion, and more. Perfect for the individual and company trainer alike. A perfect program to transform a group training session into a more effective, memorable event. Sections categorized by topics.

3 DVD videos + 3 audio CDs - 2005 Free Preview Clip    


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Conversation Strategies for Preeminence – DVD

Conversation Strategies for Preeminence

You can create conversations that help others grow; make every meeting a once-in-a-lifetime, inspirational experience; be more present in all of your interactions; and be recognized as the best. In this unforgettable, power-packed video program, one of North America’s most extraordinary speakers, Mike Lipkin, will provide you with the motivation, insights and strategies to increase your conversation effectiveness.

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Coyote Power – DVD

Coyote Power - DVD

Learn how to thrive, not just survive! Coyotes have not only survived, they have thrived in the face of an all-out war to exterminate them – because they’ve learned to adapt, to use teamwork, and they exhibit amazing courage. In this high energy session, Joel Weldon shows you how to thrive by understanding the positive attributes of the coyote: adaptability, teamwork, and courage. No matter what your career or profession, you’ll become more adaptable and creative to turn average into excellent.

1 DVD video (75 min) - Aug 2007 Free Preview Clip    


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Creating a Culture of Excellence – DVD

Creating a Culture of Excellence - DVD

Great companies create cultures that attract the right employees and create buy-in to the bigger vision. Randy Pennington guides you through the fundamentals as you learn how to differentiate your business from the competition, guide people through change, build greater trust, strengthen employee and customer relationships, and create true accountability in your organization.

1 DVD video (85 min) - Nov 2012 Free Preview Clip    


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Creating Customers For Life – DVD

Creating Customers For Life - DVD

This exciting and idea-loaded seminar is Michael Wickett’s best sales training program ever. He delivers practical and powerful strategies for connecting with customers at a deeper level through questions, listening, and communication excellence. The method and order in which you ask questions has a direct relation to how much the customer likes you. Learn creative and impactful ideas for winning a customer’s trust and keeping them for life! Turn customers into testimonials, outsmart the competition with clever sales ideas, and strengthen your customer relationships.

1 DVD video (90) min - May 2006 Free Preview Clip    


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