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The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale

The Power of Positive Thinking - 1 CD

by Norman Vincent Peale

Also available as MP3

Unparalleled in its extraordinary capacity for restoring the faltering faith of millions, this insightful program offers the essence of his profound method for mastering the problems of everyday living. Eliminate self-doubt, free yourself from worry & stress, climb above problems to visualize solutions, and reinforce the habit of happiness. A true American classic!

1 audio CD
Retail price $14.00
Our price $11.88

Staying Up Up Up in a Down Down World CD by Zig Ziglar

Staying Up Up Up in a Down Down World - CD

by Zig Ziglar

Do you have five minutes a day to spare? If so, you can experience a fresh take on life--renewed hopefulness, greater motivation, and deeper inspiration--simply by beginning each morning and ending each evening with these CDs, chock-full of encouragement to help you defy the daily grind. Inspiring vignettes, faith-promoting ideas, humorous anecdotes,and hard-hitting quotes. Grab hold of these encouraging words and soon, you will be soaring upward.
4 CD
Retail price $27.99
Our price $24.87

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude CD by Napoleon Hill & W. Clement Stone

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude - CD

Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone
"Whatever the mind of man can concieve and believe, it can achieve," declares Napoleon Hill. Together with W. Clement Stone, they share the priceless formula for success that brought them from rags to riches. Here are two remarkable thinkers and experts on success as they guide you along the path with their six-part plan for turning problems into stepping stones to success.
9 audio CDs
Retail price $39.95
Our price $33.87


How to Make Every Day Terrific - DVD

by Ed Foreman

Live Video Seminar Series

In this fast-paced seminar, power motivator, Ed Foreman, teaches easy-to-implement strategies to overcome the daily bombardment of negativity surrounding us and maintain a positive attitude, even when times are tough. You’ll learn the basic habit patterns of winners, techniques for overcoming worry, how to help others be more positive, and dozens of ideas to make sure that every day is a terrific day. His down-to-earth, humorous style makes this program perfect for group meetings to train and energize.

1 DVD video
(75 min) preview

Retail price $89.95
Our price $74.95

Positive Attitude Training by Michael Broder

Positive Attitude Training - CD

by Dr. Michael Broder
Positive people radiate success! But how do you remain positive in a world filled with endless obstacles that can result in a bad mood and a negative outlook? Cognitive Behavior Scientists have discovered that moods are based on beliefs that can be identified and changed. You'll learn to make those changes and help you avoid the 9 thinking error traps that account for most negative thinking and design new attitudes that will become the cornerstone of your positive personality.

2 audio CDs

Retail price $19.95
Our price $17.92

The Choice by Og Mandino

The Choice - paperback

by Og Mandino


An inspirational message of hope and encouragement. One of Og Mandino's most popular books, The Choice is a must-read for people who want to reach the top and stay there. We do not simply react to our surroundings, we have a choice. We can choose our response, we can choose our attitude, we can choose our actions, and, therefore, we can choose our own future.
paperback (162 pages)
Retail price $7.99
Our price $7.29


Motivation Starts With Attitude - DVD

by James Malinchak

Live Video Seminar Series

Your attitude affects every area of your personal and professional life. James Malinchak gives you the keys to living a happier, more fulfilled life, and he does it through incredible stories and hard-hitting facts. You'll learn critical lessons about commitment, persistence, gratitude, teamwork, adding value, creating more purpose, networking for results, attracting mentors, and being fired up every day. Through James' high energy personality, and comical style you'll be thoroughly entertained from beginning to end.

1 DVD video
(95 min) preview

Retail price $89.95
Our price $74.95

No Limits: The Will to Succeed by Michael Phelps

No Limits: The Will to Succeed - CD

by Michael Phelps

Also available as MP3

In No Limits, eight-time gold medalist, Michael Phelps, reveals the secrets to his remarkable success. The road has not always been easy. When he was younger he was diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder; other kids bullied him; even a teacher said he would never be successful. Phelps explains how he has overcome these and other challenges and developed the mental attitudes that go into reaching any goals: perseverence, overcoming obstacles, believing in yourself, hard work, commitment, and sacrifice.

5 CDs

Retail price $29.99
Our price $25.43

Changing the Picture CD by Zig Ziglar

Changing the Picture - CD

by Zig Ziglar

Also available as MP3

In volume II of the How to Stay Motivated series, Zig deals with the picture of yourself that we often call self-image and attitude. Discover eight powerful steps to building a good self-image; identify and correct self-image problems by confronting them; become a responder rather than a reactor; and learn life-changing attitudes to building good relationships. Simply change your picture and you change every facet of your life.
6 audio CDs
Retail price $89.95
Our price $76.27

Live With Passion CD by Anthony Robbins

Live with Passion! - CD

by Anthony Robbins


You are standing at the brink of incredible life fulfillment. Go to the next level with Tony Robbins. The man who has advised championship sports teams, heads of state, Fortune 500 CEO's and outstanding achievers is ready to empower you to take charge of your life, to challenge you to explore new possibilities and new ways of thinking, and to promise you the ultimate reward: joy, happiness, and freedom.
Complete Seminar
on 6 CDs
Retail price $39.95
Our price $33.87

The Power of Visualization CD by Lee Pulos

The Power of Visualization - CD

Lee Pulos, Ph.D.


A scientific, practical, and complete system of directing your visualization powers. Master these proven techniques and you'll be able to direct your visualization ability to help you attain any goal in your life! Backed by extensive research data in the areas of psychology, biology, chemistry, and quantum physics, Dr. Pulos provides a complete training system in the practice of visualization. Find out how it can help you consciously program--or reprogram--your computer-like mind with the "mental software" it needs to succeed.

6 CDs

Retail price $79.95
Our price $67.80


The Will to Win - DVD

by Willie Jolley

Live Video Seminar Series

Winners think differently than losers. They possess certain qualities that separate them from the masses, including a strong positive mental attitude, commitment, knowledge, and a hunger for greatness. They also understand that failure is part of the success process, and the ability to embrace it, and grow from it, is a sign of greatness. Using real life stories from his own life, and those of others, motivational speaker Willie Jolley shares success principles that differentiate mediocrity from greatness. He explores a variety of areas including positive attitude, persistence, teamwork, customer service, overcoming obstacles, building your desire, and more.

1 DVD video
(50 min) preview

Retail price $89.95
Our price $74.95

Excuses Begone by Wayne Dyer

Excuses Begone (Live Seminar) - CD

by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Learn once and for all how to improve the quality of your life: no more excuses! In this exciting live presentation, Wayne Dyer reveals a powerful seven-step paradigm that will allow you to drop your excuses and change the lifelong thinking habits that prevent you from living at your highest levels of happiness and success. You are a divine creation with virtually no limitations—except for the ones you believe in.

7 audio CDs

Retail price $45.00
Our price $38.16

Positive Imaging by Norman Vincent Peale

Positive Imaging - paperback

by Norman Vincent Peale


Positive imaging is a mental activity that could change your life. Learn to solve your money problems, outwit worry, banish loneliness, improve your health, strengthen your marriage, and relate to others more successfully. Positive imaging consists of vividly picturing in your mind a desired goal or objective and holding that image until it sinks into your unconsciousness, where it releases great untapped energies.
paperback (190 pages)
Retail price $6.99
Our price $6.59

the Magic of Thinking Big CD by David Schwartz

The Magic of Thinking Big - CD

by David Schwartz

Also available as MP3

Over 2 million people have already discovered Dr. David Schwartz's motivational, inspirational guide to successful living. You'll develop the habits of thought and action that ensure outstanding success in your personal and professional lives. Learn about setting goals, nourishing your mind with belief, becoming fluent in the Big Thinker's vocabulary, etc. "You are what you think you are," says Dr. Schwartz. It's time to join the ranks of the Big Thinkers -- and grow to your full stature of success and happiness.
4 CDs
Retail price $30.00
Our price $25.44

How to Be a Winner CD by Zig Ziglar

How to be a Winner - CD

by Zig Ziglar

You have the potential. But you need that powerful lift that can vault you over any obstacle: a winning attitude. Your talents and skills are inert without a winning self-image to activate them. "Attitude is more important than aptitude." Learn the importance of replacing bad habits with good habits, to meet challenges with assurance, to greet others with confidence and enthusiasm, and to achieve balance in your life.
1 CD
Retail price $14.00
Our price $11.87


The Science of Positive Focus - DVD

by Brian Tracy

Live Video Seminar Series

In this exciting, new live-seminar recording, you'll learn to reach your goals faster than ever before, create positive new habits for a more compelling future, and increase your income in record time. Learn exactly what to do in order to the break negative patterns that could be stopping you from reaching your next level. You’ll also get the motivational boost you may need to follow through on your goals and keep yourself in balance. Create big dreams and make them a reality!

1 DVD video
(124 min) preview

Retail price $89.95
Our price $74.95

Attitude - Page 1 of 2

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