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Comments from Subscribers:

"The content of your newsletter helps inject some
positive energy into the day so that I can view my
challenges with the right perspective."
         -- Wayne O.

"I do enjoy this newsletter!"
         -- Carol G.

"I enjoy the One Minute Motivators every time I read it."
-- Fred J.

"I have always enjoyed and shared with my
staff the useful information you provide us."
--Virginia M. - Baltimore, Maryland

"Thank you so much for the very wonderful email newsletters!  To say
the least, they are powerful teaching tools, and I am one
of your best students--always striving to master the concepts
presented in the current issues and always
looking forward to the next publication."
-- Linda F. - Cincinnati, Ohio

"I enjoy the One-Minute Motivators I get. Just the
kick start I need to slow down and focus."
-- Suzann Kleinfelter

"That is very useful. Thank you with all my heart."
-- Xiao W. - China

"Great info in the email newsletter I just got!"
-- Rebekah C.

"I look forward to receiving your free newsletter each
month. You have great articles, especially the One Minute
Motivators which are right on the money.  Thanks for
your great services and products."
-- William P. - Falmouth, Massachusetts

Thank you so much for these One Minute Motivators.
They always seem to arrive just when I need them.
-- Gordon L.

  "Thanks for the newsletter, this is really great.  
Love your work!"
-- Brad C.

"Thank you very much for the motivational quote,
it certainly made my day better. Best wishes of
health and happiness to the MindPerk people.
Keep running the good business."
-- José Tadashi Yorinori 

"Please send it more often!"
-- Juliette




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