Whether you know it or not, people judge you by the words you use. Decades of studies have proven that a strong command of the English language is directly linked to career advancement, to the money you make, and even to your social success. Our vocabulary programs can give you the edge — a business vocabulary more powerful than that of most executives and professionals, even those with advanced degrees! In fact, when you have mastered all the words in the system, you will have more than tripled your normal rate of learning new words. You will have joined an elite segment of society that enjoys the highest level of status and success. Your verbal power will give the the advantage of being in the top 5% of all educated adults — and you will have gained the winning edge that only top-notch language skills bring.

Imagine yourself at a business or social gathering. You have the floor. All eyes are upon you. You’re speaking with confidence and poise, always choosing precisely the right word, presenting your ideas clearly and articulately. This scene could be real for you. This comprehensive program is the single best way to expand your vocabulary and sharpen your command of the English language.

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SAT Words to Go – audio

SAT Words to Go

SAT Words To Go allows busy students, and anyone else who wants to better their vocabulary, to study anytime, anywhere! Guaranteed to make college entrance vocabulary words quick, easy, and fun, SAT Words To Go is conveniently designed to allow you to master words found on the New SAT while you’re on the run. Strengthen your vocabulary by learning and using word families; explore word roots — the key to deciphering unfamiliar words; and maximize your SAT performance with practice sessions

2 audio CDs


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Word Master – CD

Word Master

Improve your vocabulary 500%! Word Master features a unique format scientifically proven to greatly facilitate your comprehension, retention, and recollection of new words. With Denis Waitley’s motivational introductions, you’ll find it fun and easy to build, improve, and enhance your vocabulary. Whether you want to simply improve your communication skills or cultivate a powerful new business vocabulary, this program is for you.

9 audio CDs


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