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Save up to 50% on Self-Improvement. Why are our prices so low? Our volume allows us to negotiate with suppliers, publishers, and the top success experts to bring you the lowest prices available anywhere. In our effort to make continuous learning affordable for every business, individual or organization, you’ll find discounts up to 80% off through-out the store. Use MindPerk to help you build a self-improvement library for yourself, your team members, and your loved ones.

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Sales Superstar Sales Training – audio

Sales Superstar Sales Training

Take your sales to a brand new level. In Sales Superstar, sales training expert Tim Mulcahy will show you how to to develop a complete professional sales training system. This dynamic and effective sales course offers the complete package — from fundamentals to advanced techniques. Whether you are a beginner or pro you can achieve superior sales skills and sales techniques in a competitive selling environment.

MP3 Download (11 hours)


65% off


Science of Personal Achievement – audio

The Science of Personal Achievement

Andrew Carnegie • Thomas Edison • Henry Ford . . . each faced repeated setbacks, yet each became enormously successful. How? Napoleon Hill devoted his life to studying this question. Analyzing the success of more than 500 of the 20th Century’s greatest achievers he found that the essence of success lies within 17 simple principles that, when used together, serve as an infallible formula for achievement.

6 audio CDs


50% off


Secrets of Power Negotiating – audio

Secrets of Power Negotiating

You negotiate every day in your business and personal life. Why not be good at it? It’s easy! Roger Dawson, one of the world’s top negotiators, tells you how in The Secrets Of Power Negotiating. You’ll find out how to evaluate your own personality — and, more importantly, the personalities of others. Learn the secrets of power negotiating and you can get anything you want!

5 audio CDs, unabridged


75% off


Self Matters – audio

Self Matters

In this groundbreaking work, Dr. Phil challenges you to find your “authentic self”–that person you have always wanted to be, but were too distracted, busy, or scared to become. Instead, you have created a “fictional self”–taking on the identity of who you believe you are supposed to be. In Self Matters, Dr. Phil helps you demystify your self-concept and learn how to reclaim your authentic self. As seen on Oprah!

5 audio CDs


20% off

MP3 Discount (6 hours)



60% off

Speaking Without Fear or Nervousness DVD

Speaking Without Fear or Nervousness DVD

How to be poised whenever you make presentations, lead meetings, or join group discussions. Learn speaking techniques and presentation skills that will have you standing up with confidence. This program will help you identify your self-defeating thoughts and replace them with positive expectations as you learn to motivate, persuade, and hold the attention of a group. Discover 8 essential “fear busters”to improve your public speaking skills, overcome your wobbly voice, shaky hands, or pounding heart. Learn to establish rapport with your group and prepare effective presentations.

2 DVDs (115 min) Free Preview Clip    


40% off


Strangest Secret – audio

The Strangest Secret

Harness the power of the strangest secret. The first non-musical recording to reach sales over one million copies, this timeless classic revolutionized the field of personal development. Based on the discovery of a success secret that helped Earl Nightingale get to the top of his award-winning career. Discover how to recognize what you do best, how to build upon it, and how to realize all your goals.

6 audio CDs Unabridged


50% off


Stress Management for Professionals – audio

Stress Management for Professionals - audio

In this upbeat, information-packed program, stress expert Roger Mellott addresses stress management at its very core: your self esteem. The better you feel about yourself, the less vulnerable you are to stressful situations. The trick is to take charge of the stressors that get you down. Rated among the most entertaining and effective seminars ever produced, Stress Management for Professionals will leave you energized and confident, ready to lead a brighter, more balanced life.

6 audio CDs (6 hours)


40% off

MP3 Download (6 hours)



55% off

Stress Management for Professionals – DVD

Stress Management for Professionals - DVD

How you handle pressure can mean the difference between being happy and productive … or frustrated and anxious. This program will teach you how to take control of the stress in your life and make it a positive force for action. You’ll learn that the better you feel about yourself, the less vulnerable you are to stressful situations. This positive message will leave you energized and confident — ready to lead a brighter, more balanced life. Here are proven strategies to shield you from overstress and burnout.

3 DVDs (3 hr 14 min) Free Preview Clip    


40% off


Success with Zig – CD package

Success with Zig audio package

Enjoy big savings on this affordable collection of our most popular Zig Ziglar CD programs including: Goals, Success and the Self-Image, How To Be A Winner, Five Steps to Successful Selling, and Sell Your Way to the Top. Zig Ziglar guides you through a clear, beautifully organized “success trip.” You’ll learn how to develop a winner’s attitude, set goals, improve sales skills, and boost your self esteem.

8 audio CDs


25% off

MP3 Download (8 hours)



35% off

Think & Grow Rich – audio

Think & Grow Rich - audio

Discover the proven secrets of wealth! Napoleon Hill worked firsthand with some of the most successful Americans ever, studying just what it was that set them apart. Now you can learn from what he learned — with a virtual study guide for achievement and success. This complete, audio edition includes all of the stories, examples, and teachings in the original masterpiece.

11 audio CDs


70% off

MP3 Download (9.5 hours)



55% off

Word Master – CD

Word Master

Improve your vocabulary 500%! Word Master features a unique format scientifically proven to greatly facilitate your comprehension, retention, and recollection of new words. With Denis Waitley’s motivational introductions, you’ll find it fun and easy to build, improve, and enhance your vocabulary. Whether you want to simply improve your communication skills or cultivate a powerful new business vocabulary, this program is for you.

9 audio CDs


77% off


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