Jose Silva Biography

Jose Silva

“Success is not for the timid. It is for those
 seek guidance, make decisions,
and take decisive action. “
–Jose Silva

Jose Silva’s life is more than a great American success story. It has transcended time and space to become one of the world’s all time great success stories.

Orphaned at the age of six, he began to support his family by selling newspapers, shining shoes, and doing odd jobs. Jose learned to read and write on his own – in both English and Spanish. One day Jose came across an electronics course, borrowed it, studied it, and went into the radio repair business. Eventually he built the largest electronics repair business in south Texas.

Jose became curious about his own success and the lack of success of others who had equal talent. He began to study psychology – the study of human behavior. He learned that, like electronics, the brain operates on a small amount of electrical energy, and that this electric current vibrates or pulsates at different rates. His study of the mind as it relates to personal success became a lifetime passion.

The mind did not reveal its secrets to Jose Silva easily. He persisted, investing his own time and money, continuing even though critics scorned him. This reading and research that he undertook unlocked secrets of the mind and human potential that had remained hidden for thousands of years. Jose Silva’s 22 years of dogged determination to dig out these secrets has literally changed the world. He actually found the secret of success. Before his death, Jose Silva was recognized as the leading researcher in the world in the field of the mind and human potential.

Today, the Silva Method of Mind Development and Stress Control is being presented in more than 100 countries, in 29 different languages, and millions of people are benefitting. This man with no formal schooling wrote the book on mind development – in fact, he’s had more than a dozen books published by major publishers, in two dozen languages.

Prior to his passing in 1999 he developed a new course – actually more than a course, he calls it a system: The Silva UltraMind ESP System. In addition to helping people develop and use their own God-given intuition, the UltraMind ESP System includes a new scientifically-based technique to communicate with higher intelligence regularly and reliably to obtain help and guidance in carrying out your mission in life.

While Jose Silva may have moved on to new assignments, his work is still going strong, both in live seminars and in convenient home study courses.

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