Dr. Lloyd Glauberman Biography

Dr. Lloyd Glauberman

“Helping people reach their highest potential, both in their work and their personal life is my primary goal”
–Dr. Lloyd Glauberman

Dr. Lloyd Glauberman has spent the last 30 years helping people develop the emotional tools to achieve their goals in life using a form of hypnosis known as Hypno-Peripheral Processing (HPP) to help people gain access to the incredible untapped power of their subconscious mind.

Dr. Glauberman has a PhD in Psychology from Syracuse University and has been in clinical practice since 1980. He is a leading expert in specialized fields of business related stress management and behavior change and runs a successful Manhattan practice in psychotherapy. He has been a guest lecturer on topics related to social psychology, career and personal growth at Columbia University and Marymount College, has appeared as an expert on workplace psychology and stress management on WABC and WPIX television news and has been a weekly guest for a mental health segment on WMCA radio.

Today, with the creation of his unique Hypno-Peripheral Processing (HPP) technique, Dr. Glauberman is pioneering a new age in personal/career growth and development. HPP is a proven new psychotherapeutic technique that combines aspects of Eriksonian hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming in a series of audio programs. The system can help people deal effectively with a wide variety of personal and professional issues, while bringing about lasting, dramatic life changes.

Dr. Galuberman’s work has been cited in Megabrain, the leading periodical in the field of mind/brain technology, and in such publications as the New York Times, Forbes FYI, Esquire, Omni, and Success.

Dr. Glauberman’s work has also been subject to a number of studies where his programs were found highly effective including Julian Isaacs PhD. Dr. Isaacs noted his research findings: “The HPP CDs did produce strong and robustly consistent positive findings. In addition to consistently producing the theta state, subjects reported consistent improvements in mood state, self-esteem, confidence and well-being. I can unhesitatingly recommend HPP CDs for their effectiveness.”

Dr. Glauberman has also served as a stress management consultant for the American Cancer Society, Solomon brothers, M.E.D. Communications, Chase Financial and AOL/Time Warner.

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