About Us

Our Story…

The concept for MindPerk began in 1983 when our founder, Bill Mansell, discovered an old ragged book in an apartment where he lived with roommates. He picked it up and began reading The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz and it changed his life! That was his introduction to the world of self-improvement materials. In 1986, he discovered the power of audio learning. Using the information and enthusiasm he received from Zig Ziglar’s powerful Secrets of Closing the Sale, he grew his sales career until he developed one of the largest, most successful distributorships in his company!

Over the years, as a self-improvement coach and advisor, he observed that continuous learning through powerful books, CDs & DVDs, rescued many floundering careers, improved self-esteem, increased earnings, and developed leadership skills. In fact, continuous learning will do more for a person’s success than just about any other activity they can engage in. But these products can be expensive and rather hard to find. That was the beginning of MindPerk. By assembling the best materials in one collection and negotiating the lowest prices, our goal is to make continuous learning affordable and beneficial for you.

Since it’s beginning in 2001, MindPerk has grown to be one of the largest, most comprehensive self-improvement resources on the web today with over 1000 life-changing products, featuring more than a hundred best-selling authors, and dozens of free articles, quotes and other resources.

Our Philosophy

At MindPerk, we have assembled the top, world-class authorities in success and motivation to help you . . .

Increase your Income            Become the Best
Achieve your Goals                Improve your Relationships
Transform your Life                Boost your Self Esteem

To make continuous learning and business training affordable, we have negotiated with suppliers and success authorities to get you the lowest possible prices available anywhere. Each product has been carefully selected. Only the very best materials are included here–so, you can’t miss with any of them.

No matter who you are–salesperson, homemaker, plumber, accountant–everyone can benefit from the products available here. They also make great gift ideas! Make an investment that can improve your life and your future.

Our Products


Nothing is more solid yet powerful as a good book. You will read and refer to these classics again and again for years to come. A book gives you the flexibility to read, re-read, and underline important passages so you can internalize the message more effectively.

Audio CDs

Statistics show that the average American spends 500 to 1000 hours per year in his or her car traveling from place to place. You can put that time to more effective use by listening to audio programs every time you get in your car. Just think of the value that spending this time with world-class authorities will have in your life. Our programs are available on audio CD or Cassette.

MP3 Audio Downloads

Enjoy the benefits of “instant access” with our audio download products. Why wait for your CDs to be shipped, when you can listen right now and pay no shipping charges? Our downloadable audio programs use the high quality sound encoding, for superb stereo sound reproduction. Burn your own audio CDs or listen with your mp3 player.

DVD Videos

Nothing captures the seminar experience like video. Our MindPerk video programs are perfect for group meetings and professional training at your office or home. It’s the next best thing to being there and can be reviewed over and over again! Available in DVD and VHS video formats

Discount Packages

Our MindPerk collections provide the best value for your money. We have assembled products from the very best success authorities into packages designed to jump start your future. Each package is a complete program for success!

Engage with MindPerk

Your personal experiences, challenges and opinions are interesting and valuable to us and our readers.  As a part of the MindPerk personal development community, we encourage you to get involved: like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, make comments on articles, and provide product reviews.  In this way you can share what you know, and learn from others, as we work together to improve our world one person at a time.