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Ziglar Training Systems Video Series - DVD

by Zig Ziglar

Every company should have access to the very best training, regardless of their training budget. Ziggets is a comprehensive, easy-to-use video training package designed especially for small companies, departments or organizations: offering a virtual gold mine of employee training in bite-sized, easy-to-implement lessons. The series contains six modules: Customer Service, Management, Marketing, Personal Development, Sales, and Team Development. It includes 48 half-hour lessons, instructor's guides, reproducible worksheets, 6 DVDs and 6 audio CDs. more

6 DVDs / 6 CDs
worksheets / guides

Retail price $449.00
Our price $379.00

The Fun Factor - DVD

Christine Cashen

Live Video Seminar Series

Having more fun at work improves morale, keeps people motivated, lowers stress, and leads to a happier workplace environment. Get ready to bring more fun into your personal and professional life, as expert speaker and motivator Christine Cashen brings you this fast-paced, entertaining program. You’ll discover keys to having more fun and ideas for managing challenging situations with grace and humor.

1 DVD video
(86 min) preview

Retail price $89.95
Our price $74.95

100 Ways to Motivate Others CD by Steve Chandler

100 Ways to Motivate Others - CD

by Steve Chandler


Now you can inspire and motivate others! Bestselling author and leadership coach, Steve Chandler has crafted a vital, user-friendly, inspirational guide for executives, managers, and professionals. You'll learn to slow down and focus, to build on people's strengths, and to hold them accountable while cultivating the art of supportive confrontation; that multi-tasking is a myth, not a strength; and that keeping life simple and straightforward is the goal.
5 audio CDs
Retail price $24.95
Our price $21.65

How to Make Cross Functional Project Teams Work video by Mark Howard

80% off

Cross-Functional Project Teams - VHS video

by Mark Howard


How do you make a cross-functional team work? Where do you start and how do you find the people who can help you. Learn to assess those situations that call for a cross-functional team, create the project proposal, and select the project team manager. Explore the project manager's role in various stages of team development and learn how inputs such as ground rules, meetings and training can help a team in task achievement. Learn to create the project plan, and select, evaluate, and fund the team.

4-video set VHS
(only 6 left)
Retail price $149.95
Our price $29.97

How to Handle Conflict and Manage Anger CD by Denis Waitley

How to Handle Conflict & Manage Anger - CD

by Denis Waitley


Life is too complex to expect a perennial state of harmony and bliss. The reality is that in the daily push and pull of our lives there are many sources of conflict and anger. Despite the negative image, however, conflict and anger need not erupt in disaster. They can often be opportunities for developing new skills and growing toward full potential. You can handle anger & conflict productively. Learn 4 steps that will keep you cool, calm and in control most of the time; and 5 conflict-escalating words that should be avoided at all costs.

4 CDs

Retail price $79.95
Our price $67.80

The Art of Coaching in Business - DVD


More Information

This is one of the best coaching videos you will ever see! Interesting and practical, it features experts in their fields, sharing their wisdom and experience about successful coaching : Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines, Jack Nicklaus golf coach, Sarah Nash of J.P. Morgan Bank, all-star NBA coach Lenny Wilkens, and more. Effective coaching is essential to building any successful organization. Team building through coaching is the most powerful tool managers have to improve individual and team performance.

1 DVD video
(20 min) preview
Retail price $199.95
Our price $139.97

How to Be a Better Trainer - DVD

by Helen Sutton


Learn techniques to effectively stimulate, motivate and teach your trainees. This business training video quickly brings you up to speed on the latest training ideas and techniques, and shows you how to use what you'll learn in your own organization. In no time at all, you'll be designing and conducting training that delivers impressive, measurable results -- for your trainees, your organization and in your own career. Learn to plan training programs from the learner's point of view, the latest wisdom regarding handouts, overheads, slides and charts, what to do when your audience is unresponsive, and more.

3 DVDs (3 hrs)
PDF workbook  preview
Retail price $199.95
Our price $169.57

Leadership Mastery Course CD by Dale Carnegie

Leadership Mastery Course - CD

by Dale Carnegie

Also available as MP3

Learn how to challenge yourself and others to greatness! The skill of leadership can put you in total control of your life and make your dreams a reality. It can move your career onto the fast track and bring you high levels of prestige. It can make you a powerful communicator with vast influence over others. Plus, it can improve your relationships, your decision-making ability, and your peace of mind about the world and where it's headed. Learn leadership skills from the master leader himself, Dale Carnegie.
Complete Seminar
on 6
Retail price $34.95
Our price $29.63

Everest - DVD

by Stephen R. Covey

Everest is the incredible true story of Erik Weihenmayer's quest to climb the summit of the tallest peak in the world--blind. It's also a story of amazing leadership, perseverance, trust, team building, and creating greatness. This complete package includes the award-winning Everest video with Erik Weihenmayer, a 10-minute meeting opener featuring Stephen R. Covey explaining the 4 Imperatives of Great Leaders, facilitator guide (pdf), participant guidebooks (pdf), PowerPoint presentation and more.
1 DVD video
(30 min) preview
Retail price $895.00
Our price $758.97

Awaken the Giant Within CD by Anthony Robbins

Awaken the Giant Within - CD

by Anthony Robbins

Also in paperback & MP3

Providing powerful techniques and strategies for lifelong success, Robbins unravels the mystery behind all human behavior and demonstrates how to immediately change disempowering habits literally in a matter of minutes. The ultimate program for improving the quality of every aspect of your life.
2 audio CDs
Retail price $18.00
Our price $15.27

How to Give Exceptional Customer Service 2000 - DVD

Lisa Ford

More Information

The best-selling business training video of all time! Ever wonder how an organization can get its entire work force eating, sleeping, breathing customer service? Lisa Ford, customer service adviser, takes you behind the scenes to find out what smart organizations are doing to dazzle customers and build unbending loyalty. See customer service trendsetters and live customer care training at some of today's most successful companies. Lisa Ford's wisdom and advice have helped bring about dramatic customer service improvement in dozens of companies, large and small. A complete customer service training seminar.

8 volumes on 4 DVDs
(5.5 hrs) preview

Retail price $399.95
Our price $279.97

  Motivating Peopl e To Peak Performance DVD by Brian Tracy

Motivating People to Peak Performance - DVD

by Brian Tracy

Part of the Effective Manager Series

Motivate your employees to increase their productivity and work quality. The average employees work at 50% of the level of productivity that they are capable of. That means that companies are throwing away billions of dollars every year. Motivation is the fuel that feeds employee productivity. Let Brian teach you how to raise your employee's motivation levels to full capacity. Includes a one-hour DVD video, ideal for meetings and training sessions, audio CDs based on the video, PDF workbooks with program notes, and a study guide.

1 DVD, 2 CDs

Retail price $105.00
Our price $89.04

21st Century Leadership - DVD

by Don Hutson

Live Video Seminar Series

Learn how to build your team, your career, and yourself. Having trained more than two-thirds of the Fortune 500 companies, Don Hutson presents ideas and strategies for boosting your team's performance. Managing takes a specific set of skills to do it well and gain cooperation for a breakthrough, high-performance team. You’ll learn how to motivate and positively connect with your team, the secrets of exceptional managers, managing different people differently, helping your people clarify their goals, and more.

1 DVD video
(80 min) preview

Retail price $89.95
Our price $74.95

10 Qualities of Charismatic People CD by Tony Alessandra

10 Qualities of Charismatic People - CD

by Tony Alessandra


Charisma is not based on genetics, IQ, social position, or luck. It’s actually a skill. And anyone can learn and master it. Learn to develop your natural charisma and get more respect, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Charisma gives you a tremendous advantage in almost every conceivable situation. In this program, you’ll discover all the tools you need to experience this same kind of profound personal transformation in your own life.

6 audio CDs
free bonus CD

Retail price $89.95
Our price $76.28

Leadership - The Critical Difference video by Brian Tracy

Leadership: The Critical Difference - DVD

by Brian Tracy

Part of the Effective Manager Series

Strong leadership builds teamwork, trust, integrity, and commitment from employees and members of your family. Learn the various qualities of respected leaders in business.What are the key characteristics of top-rated managers - and how can you attain them? The program includes a one-hour DVD video, ideal for meetings and training sessions, audio CDs based on the video, PDF workbooks with program notes, and a study guide.

1 DVD, 2 CDs

Retail price $105.00
Our price $89.04

Professional Supervision Skills by Jack Everitt

80% off

Professional Supervision Skills - VHS video

by Dr. Jack Everitt


Learn professional supervision skills to bring out the best in your people -- and the leader in you. Professional supervision skills can help motivate your people to get their jobs done fast and done right. Whether you are a new supervisor or a trained professional, you'll gain insights to help you build on your natural leadership abilities. Learn to recognize and tap each employee's hidden strengths, exercise authority without antagonizing others, how to handle reprimands and layoffs, and more.
3-video set VHS
(only 7 left)
Retail price $149.95
Our price $29.97

Profitable People Skills - DVD

by Shawna Schuh

Live Video Seminar Series

In today’s highly competitive world, it’s all about being better than the competition. Doing things they’re not willing to do to keep customers happy. Discover practical techniques and easy-to-implement strategies for bettering your communications in critical areas such as voice mail, e-mail, thank you notes, and face to face communications. Avoid critical communication mistakes to build and maintain long-term relationships in your personal and your professional life.

1 DVD video
(85 min) preview

Retail price $89.95
Our price $74.95

How to Interview and Hire the Right People video by Stephen Carline

Interview and Hire the Right People - VHS video

Stephen Carline


This program gives you a practical system for hiring the perfect person for the job, every time. You'll learn every step of the process -- from developing a job description to advertising it, evaluating résumés, pre-screening candidates -- all the way down to negotiating the employment agreement. Learn the major factors in selecting candidates, how to get the right information to judge correctly, how to get candidates to tell you more, and tools to help you rank candidates.

3 VHS videos

Retail price $199.95
Our price $173.56

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