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The Einstein Factor CD by Win Wenger

The Einstein Factor - CD

by Win Wenger


A proven new method for increasing your intelligence! Your subconscious already holds the same mental powers as the greatest minds in history! Once you unleash the genius within, you will improve your performance in all aspects of mental ability including memory, mental quickness, IQ, and learning capacity. Mind development pioneer Win Wenger has developed an amazing technique called Image Streaming that can help you develop a perfect memory, read dozens of pages / minute, score higher on tests, etc.

7 CDs

Retail price $39.95
Our price $33.87

The Reader's Edge Speed Reading Software

Reader's Edge Speed Reading Software - Basic

Literacy Company

Learn to read faster with improved concentration. How? The Reader's Edge uses computer-generated visual exercises to help you unlearn the habits of slow readers, and learn the habits and skills of rapid readers. This #1 rated self-paced speed-reading software program boosts your reading speed and comprehension with ease. Use The Reader's Edge just 15 minutes every other day for a few weeks and you will double or triple your reading speed and comprehension. The Basic edition is for Windows computers only and includes up to 3 users, 8 speed reading exercises, and can be installed on 1 computer. Learn more

Retail price $99.95
Our price $79.95
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Memory Power by Steve Moidel

25% off

Memory Power - CD

by Steve Moidel

Also available in MP3

Do you have difficulty remembering simple facts, people's names, or important details? Relax, now you can use these simple, yet effective, memory techniques to remember anything with ease. You'll learn how the brain remembers and how you can capitalize on the power of your mind, how to focus using the AAIRR formula, plus powerful pneumonic tools and memory systems to help you remember even the most difficult information. Start listening today and discover how quickly you can build a fail-safe memory.

3 audio CDs

Retail price $17.95
Our price $13.47

Spanish Comprehensive Language Course

Spanish 1 Comprehensive Course - CD

Now you can learn Spanish as easily as you learned English -- by listening. Our programs immerse you in the language from the very first lesson. By taking just 30 minutes a day, you can learn Spanish at your convenience and in the comfort of your own home, car, or office. No books are required. Includes: 30 Audio Lessons (Lessons 1-30) / 16 Audio CDs / User's Manual / Reading Booklet / Carrying Case. Level: beginner to intermediate. more

16 audio CDs
booklet, etc.

Retail price $345.00
Our price $277.97

Wordmaster by Denis Waitley

Word Master - CD

Denis Waitley


Improve your vocabulary 500%! Wordmaster features a unique format scientifically proven to greatly facilitate your comprehension, retension, and recollection of new words. With Denis Waitley's motivational introductions, you'll find it fun and easy to build, improve, and enhance your vocabulary. Whether you want to simply improve your communication skills or cultivate a powerful new business vocabulary, this program is for you.

9 audio CDs

Our price $28.97

Memory Power - DVD

by Blaine Athorn

Live Video Seminar Series

Supercharge Your Mind to Instantly Recall Names, Ideas, and Information. Whether it’s a clients name or a new product presentation, we could all benefit from using our memory more effectively. Get ready for a high-energy program by one of the most dynamic memory trainers in the world, Blaine Athorn. Learn how to retain information from books, seminars and meetings, to instantly remember names and faces, and boost your brainpower. A must-see seminar for anyone serious about reaching top levels of success.

1 DVD video
(115 min) preview

Retail price $89.95
Our price $74.95

Accelerated Learning Techniques CD by Brian Tracy and Colin Rose

Accelerated Learning Techniques - CD

Brian Tracy with Colin Rose


Increase your intelligence up to 400%. Benefit from the most advanced and effective system of learning ever developed to help you release your vast potential and exercise your full capacity for learning, thinking, creating, and memorizing. Brian Tracy and Colin Rose take you through a series of techniques that train you to use your full range of intelligence. BONUS: Get a FREE $10 Bonus CD with relaxation techniques and music to help you think and work smarter!

6 audio CDs
bonus CD

Retail price $79.95
Our price $67.80

NLP - The New Technology of Achievement CD by NLP Comprehensive

NLP: The New Technology of Achievement - CD

Charles Faulkner & Associates


Break habits you've tried to change for years! Can science give us a shortcut to success? Yes, with a high-tech form of psychology called NLP, or Neurolinguistic Programming. This self-mastry system has been proven to erase lifelong fears in minutes, remove emotional conflicts, and train your mind to process thoughts differently so you can unlock your true capacity for greatness. Six internationally recognized NLP experts deliver the simple, powerful ideas that will work for you.

6 CDs

Retail price $79.95
Our price $67.80

Magnificent Mind at Any Age by Dr. Daniel G. Amen

Magnificent Mind at Any Age - CD

by Daniel G. Amen, M.D.

Also available on DVD

When your brain works right, so do you. When it’s out of balance, you feel frustrated, or worse. Yet we hear very little about how to keep the brain in top working order. Traditional approaches to mind-centered challenges—try harder, work longer, etc.—either do not work or may make our problems worse. You can increase your memory and concentration, maintain satisfying relationships, improve sexual desire and performance, goal-oriented perseverance, impulse control, creativity and the ability to relax and enjoy life. Most of all, you'll deal effectively with common mental challenges such as memory loss, anxiety and depression, and insomnia.
12 audio CDs
Retail price $34.95
Our price $29.67

Mega Memory CD by Kevin Trudeau

Mega Memory - CD

by Kevin Trudeau


Out perform others with an instant-recall memory! A good memory can actually make you smarter. It helps you score higher on tests, even intelligence tests. And, when you remember easily, it frees the rest of your mind for thinking. Everyone has perfect memory, but it's untrained. That's where this program comes in. In just two or three days you'll be performing prodigious feats of memory. More Information

5 audio CDs

Retail price $35.00
Our price $29.57

Speed Reading - DVD

by Steve Moidel


Reading doesn't have to be a chore! Think about that the next time you're slogging through a 50-page report, looking at a jam-packed in-box, or wading through piles of unread magazines. With the surprisingly simple techniques in this program (and some practice) you can burn through your daily reading in a fraction of the time, with improved comprehension and recall. With this program, you can double your reading speed in minutes. With practice, you can soon be reading as much as five times faster.

2 DVDs (2 hr 55 min)
PDF workbook
Retail price $89.95
Our price $74.95

Mega Learning CD by Donna Cercone

Mega-Learning - CD (formerly Opti-learning)

by Donna Cercone


Are you aware that you have 12 different intelligences that can distribute knowledge into your mind accurately, quickly, and efficiently? Not just one, but 12 different avenues of absorbing information. This will enable you to learn seven times faster than using any other method. Learn any subject or task in a micro-fraction of the normal time. Increase test scores as much as 60%, cut corporate training time in half, and dramatically boost self-esteem.

7 CDs
bonus CD

Retail price $159.95
Our price $135.64

Silva UltraMind ESP Complete System

Silva Ultramind ESP (Complete System) - CD

Jose Silva
In just 15 minutes a day, you can develop the ability to read minds accurately, influence people from a distance, receive guidance from High Intelligence, create “good vibes” with anyone you meet, detect hidden information, find lasting inner peace, and in the process ... unleash the telepathic powers you were born with! Includes lectures and conditioning cycles presented in a live seminar plus a Jose Silva guided ESP session.

16 audio CDs

Retail price $169.95
Our Price $144.17

Quantum Memory Power CD by Dominic O'Brien

Quantum Memory Power - CD

by Dominic O'Brien


Learn to remember names, faces, numbers, birthdays, dates, appointments, or any sequence of numbers. Once you have unleashed your memory power there is no limit to the type or quantity of information you can store. I was not born with a special gift for memorizing. Yet, I am the current and seven time World Memory Champion because I have trained my brain to do this. Now, you can too. With each powerful technique, you'll receive practical exercises to strengthen your abilities.

6 CDs

Retail price $35.00
Our price $29.97

Thinking for a Change CD by John C. Maxwell

Thinking for a Change - CD

by John C. Maxwell


At the heart of this brilliant and inspiring program is a simple premise: To do well in life, we must first think well. But can we actually learn new mental habits? John C. Maxwell answers with a resounding "yes," and shows how changing your thinking can indeed change your life. Drawing on the words and deeds of many of the world's greatest leaders, this empowering audio helps you assess your thinking style, and teaches you the secrets of Big-Picture thinking, Focused Thinking, Creative Thinking and more.

3 CDs

Retail price $24.98
Our price $21.17

Training The Mind, Healing The Body by  Deepak Chopra

Training the Mind, Healing the Body - CD

by Deepak Chopra & David Simon


Preserve good health with Dr. Chopra's mind/body approach! Training the Mind, Healing the Body will help you learn how to integrate the healing traditions of the East with the practical discoveries of Western science. Discover the intimate connection between your physical body and your emotional and spiritual well-being.

12 CDs
PDF workbook

Retail price $169.95
Our price $144.77

Healing ADD DVD by Dr. Daniel Amen

Healing ADD - DVD

by Daniel G. Amen, M.D.

Also available in Paperback

Here's a simple, easy to understand explanation of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). In this PBS video program, you'll discover the biological basis of this disorder and learn about the broad range of strategies and prescriptions for overcoming the associated problems.Effective treatments include diet, exercise, medications, supplements, and behavioral interventions. Parenting, family and school strategies are also included, along with sleeping and thinking-style disorder-management.

1 DVD video
Retail price $59.95
Our price $48.87

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