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The Greatest Miracle in the World by Og Mandino

The Greatest Miracle in the World - paperback

by Og Mandino


A heart-warming story of hope and inspiration that will affect your thoughts and actions long after the final sencence has touched your heart. This is the incredible story of Simon Potter, a ragpicker who delivers an inspiring "memorandum from God" to make the difference between success or disaster in YOUR life. This book is sure to bring you up when you are feeling down -- a great antidote for depression. One of Og Mandino's best stories.
paperback (108 pages)
Retail price $7.99
Our price $7.29

There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem CD by Wayne Dyer

There is a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem - CD

by Dr. Wayne Dyer

With his trademark wit & wisdom, Wayne Dyer explains how the mind can control both physical and emotional well-being. Learn to reject negative energy and raise yourself up to higher frequencies of understanding, love, joy, and serenity. If something is not good, it is not of God. Therefore, bringing the presence of God into any situation will help you resolve it. The power to change is right within you -- so there truly is a spiritual solution to every problem.

6 CDs

Retail price $59.95
Our price $50.83

The Present CD by Spencer Johnson

The Present - CD

by Spencer Johnson, M.D.

Also available in Hardcover

The Present is an engaging story of a young man's journey to adulthood, and his search for "The Present," a mysterious and elusive gift which holds the secret to his personal happiness and business success. The Present will help you focus on what will mke you happy and successful in your work and in your personal life. Like the young man, you may find it is the best gift you can give to yourself and your loved ones.

1 CD

Retail price $12.00
Our price $10.17

The Best Things in Life Aren't Things - DVD

Jim Tuman

Live Video Seminar Series

Today's society places tremendous significance on physical appearance, possessions and money. From childhood, we are programmed to want more and more--to place greater importance on "things" rather than people and relationships. Jim Tuman illustrates how to get back in touch with the true essence of life through real-life stories that will touch your heart and soul. You'll learn how to cut through barriers to create more loving, caring relationships. A captivating program, perfect for kids and adults alike.

1 DVD video
(75 min) preview

Retail price $89.95
Our price $74.95

Embrace the Struggle - CD

by Zig Ziglar
In his most poignant and honest program yet, motivation guru, Zig Ziglar deals with the struggles and adversity of life, including physical, financial, spiritual, family, and relationship struggles. Zig's own life changed dramatically as a result of a head injury which challenged him to put his own philosophy of success into practice. In true Ziglar style, filled with optimism and honesty, he shares his own story along with inspirational stories of others. A truly inspirational program.
6 audio CDs
Retail price $29.99
Our price $25.47

The Seeds of Greatness CD by Denis Waitley

The Seeds of Greatness - CD

by Denis Waitley

Also available in Paperback

In Seeds Of Greatness, Denis Waitley shows you how to nurture the greatness within you and gives you a system that allows you to do in months what many psychologists take years to accomplish. Find out how to overcome feelings of unworthiness and to set higher goals. You have the seeds of success within you, waiting to be discovered!

6 CDs

Retail price $79.95
Our price $67.80

The Choice by Og Mandino

The Choice - paperback

by Og Mandino


An inspirational message of hope and encouragement. One of Og Mandino's most popular books, The Choice is a must-read for people who want to reach the top and stay there. We do not simply react to our surroundings, we have a choice. We can choose our response, we can choose our attitude, we can choose our actions, and, therefore, we can choose our own future.
paperback (162 pages)
Retail price $7.99
Our price $7.29

Inner Wisdom - The Best of Wayne Dyer CD

Inner Wisdom: The Best of Wayne Dyer - CD

by Dr. Wayne Dyer


Now, for the first time ever, you can discover the essence of acclaimed author, psychologist, philosopher, and living legend, Wayne Dyer, in an unprecedented 20 CD anthology. This complete library brings you the very best of Wayne Dyer...offering a comprehensive cross-section of his incredible 25-year career. Live and studio recordings guide you to a higher level of self-awareness to help you expand your self-concept, improve mental health, and live in harmony and abundance.

20 CDs / case

Retail price $199.95
Our price $169.56
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A View From the TOP - CD

by Zig Ziglar


Zig Ziglar has dedicated his life to teaching people the art of successful living. Multitudes attribute their success to having attended a Zig Ziglar lecture or audio program. In his newest program, Zig shares his most intimate personal discoveries of what makes a truly significant life. As Zig delves into the hows and whys of living life with values, character, honesty, integrity and sensitivity, you’ll learn to be more at peace with yourself, accomplish more, and tap into the true joy of living.

Complete Seminar
on 6 audio CDs

Retail price $34.95
Our price $29.63

A Better Way to Live by Og Mandino

A Better Way to Live - paperback

by Og Mandino


The leading inspirational author of our time, Og Mandino was once a down-and-out alcoholic who contemplated suicide. In this best-selling book, Og Mandino shares his personal story and reveals the process that turned a derelict into a millionaire and a happy man in ten years.
paperback (129 pages)
Retail price $7.99
Our price $7.29

Creating Miracles Everyday CD by Richard Carlson

Creating Miracles Everyday - CD

by Richard Carlson


The frantic pace of our daily lives can take a serious toll on even the most calm and collected person. Who has time to worry about happiness, health, and peace of mind, when you have a million little urgencies to take care of? Now, best-selling author Richard Carlson shows you how to transform negative attitudes, trust your intuition, and live the miracle of each day without sacrificing your career, financial status, or activities.

6 CDs

Retail price $79.95
Our price $63.96

Purpose, Passion, and Persistence - DVD

by Desi Williamson

Live Video Seminar Series

Get ready to unleash your greatness in this powerful seminar featuring award winning speaker, Desi Williamson. Through captivating stories and useful examples, Desi illustrates the action oriented mindset required to overcome obstacles and achieve any goal you set. You'll learn how to reignite your purpose, stay focused on the big picture, develop true "will power", become a master of change, raise your performance level, challenge your fears, and much more.

1 DVD video
(90 min) preview

Retail price $89.95
Our price $74.95

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

A New Earth- CD

by Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle takes readers beyond their own lives to show that we now have an opportunity to birth a new, more loving world. This imvolves a radical inner leap of consciousness from ego to an entirely new way of thinking about who we are. Tolle shows how we can transform our mind, not only in ourselves, but in the world around us. He gently leads us from ego-based consciousness to a new understanding of who we are. An Oprah book club bestseller.

8 Audio CDs

Retail price $29.95
Our price $25.39

Keys to a Better Life - DVD

by Michael Wickett

Live Video Seminar Series

Imagine, in 180 days, your life is dramatically better. You're health, relationships, and career goals are all falling into place. You're making more money, feeling more at peace with yourself, and excited about your future. With clarity and passion, Michael Wickett teaches how to make this your reality. You'll discover what may be holding you back, and how to move towards creating your ideal, compelling future. Learn to make your dreams a reality, change your perceptions, and become more focused.

1 DVD video
(95 min) preview

Retail price $89.95
Our price $74.95

Live With Passion CD by Anthony Robbins

Live with Passion! - CD

by Anthony Robbins


You are standing at the brink of incredible life fulfillment. Go to the next level with Tony Robbins. The man who has advised championship sports teams, heads of state, Fortune 500 CEO's and outstanding achievers is ready to empower you to take charge of your life, to challenge you to explore new possibilities and new ways of thinking, and to promise you the ultimate reward: joy, happiness, and freedom.
Complete Seminar
on 6 CDs
Retail price $39.95
Our price $33.87

Journey to the Boundless CD by Deepak Chopra

Journey to the Boundless - CD

by Deepak Chopra
Explore the mind, body, and spirit. Eastern wisdom says we have a universe within ourselves as profound and infinite as the world outside. With Journey to the Boundless, break out of conceptual boundaries and step into the world of the boundless -- which is pure creativity, pure freedom, and pure joy. This "live" seminar experience captures Dr. Deepak Chopra at his best.

6 CDs

Retail price $35.00
Our price $29.97

  The Secrets of Being Unstoppable CD by Guy Finley

Secrets of Being Unstoppable - CD

by Guy Finley

Hidden deep within you is an unstoppable power. Unstoppable in relationships, in business, in achievement, in love. This power is so extraordinary that its stirring inspires us to change as we must, to realize the purpose of our own being. In his empowering new audio program Secrets of Being Unstoppable, best-selling author Guy Finley will lead you, step by step, to a new understanding of how you can make a permanent connection with a deep, renewable well of higher energy hidden within you.

16 CDs

Retail price $95.00
Our price $82.46

Law of the Garbage Truck by David J. Pollay

Law of the Garbage Truck - CD

by David J. Pollay

Also available as MP3

Learn how to respond to people who dump on you, and how to stop dumping on others. In The Law of the Garbage Truck, David J. Pollay shows us that by refusing to let others dump their “garbage” (negativity, anger, resentment) on us—and letting it “pass by” instead—we become happier and more successful, both personally and professionally. And when we stop dumping garbage on others, we improve our relationships, strengthen our businesses, and bring our communities together.

5 audio CDs
Retail price $29.98
Our price $25.47

Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling CD by Wayne Dyer

Inspiration - CD

by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer explains that inspiration can be cultivated and be a driving force throughout life, rather than showing up every now and then and just as mysteriously disappearing, seemingly independent of our desires. Inspiration is for everyone -- not just high-profile creative geniuses in the arts and sciences. It's inherent in our Divine birthright. A blueprint through the world of inspiration, your ultimate calling.

4 audio CDs

Retail price $23.95
Our price $19.99

Become a Better You - CD

by Joel Osteen

Also available in MP3

Not only can you live happily every day, but you can discover the potential within yourself to become better. God didn't create you to be average. You were created to excel! You have everything you need to fulfill your God-given destiny, and there is no limit to what you can accomplish! Joel Osteen, America's best-known pastor, will inspire and motivate you to live with more joy, hope, and peace -- to become a better spouse and parent, a better boss or employee, a better community leader, a better friend -- in short, a better person!


5 audio CDs

Retail price $29.95
Our price $25.39

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff CD by Richard Carlson

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff - CD

by Richard Carlson

Also in Paperback & Download

In his #1 national best seller, Richard Carlson shows you how to keep from letting the little things in life drive you crazy. In thoughtful and insightful language, he reveals ways to calm down in the midst of your incredibly hurried, stress-filled life. You can learn to put things in perspective by making small daily changes. The ideas in this book will make your actions more peaceful and your life more calm and stress-free.

4 CDs

Retail price $29.95
Our price $24.99

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